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Suduaya is melodic downtempo goa or morning progressive... You can chose how to name it :) What is sure is that it has beautiful melodies and a great laidback feeling! :)


Suduaya & Irina Mikhailova Sweetness 12:45
By The Rain & Suduaya Silent Awareness 9:11
Zero Cult Heartwork (Suduaya Remix) 9:36
Suduaya Unity 8:02
Green Beats 80's Technology (Suduaya Remix) 8:42
Suduaya All Is Full Of Light 10:48
Cabeiri Voyager (Suduaya Remix) 7:54
Suduaya Empty Your Mind (Feat. Amin) 11:25


Jan 11, 2014
Sorry, not available in any format
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