April 22, 2013 10:57 PM

Lots of new Goa-trance for sale in our shop! :)

Dear Goa-trance lovers! As you know Suntrip supports all goa-trance. Because of that we added many cds of other labels to our suntrip webshop! :)
Like this it is easier for you to buy all modern goa trance! New cd's available since today:

Eutuchia Records
Radical Distortion - Back in Time:

Global Sect Music:
VA - Space of Power

Altar Records
Ra - Unearthly
E-Mantra - Silence

Sita Records
Agneton - Wizards from the Future
VA - Protozoa 2.0
Persistent Aura - Grand Julian
Goalien - Psychedelic Dilemma
VA - Protozoa

Enjoy the music!!! :)
Posted by: Anoebis
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