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Ubar Tmar, one of the most wicked and experimental goa-trance producers ever, released a fantastic cd with his older goa-trance on the label of our friends of Zion604 records in Israel! :) If you like it wicked, out of the box... This is exactly for you!

1    The Tale Of Taketori (604 Edit)    6:50
2    Another Transform    7:19
3    Im Shocked    7:02
4    Eternal Return (Early Mix)    6:34
5    3D Heaven ('96 Live Mix)    8:35
6    Eejyanaika (Early Mix)    6:31
7    When The Light Is Gone (Original Mix)    7:10
8    Flying Saucer Landing (Live Mix)    9:13
9    E-Talk (Live Mix)    7:44
10   Cosmo Drome (Piano Version)    6:56

Oct 2, 2018
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