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The name behind Skizologic is Maor Hasbani, Israeli DJ & producer and one of the names behind some well known Party production in Israel - Solaris Project and Klika.

The Kingdom is Maor's debut compilation as a DJ.

In this album he features a deep & mature blend of true psychedelic old-school Sounds, based on his private influences and the music he collected through the years.

1. Eat Static – Kalika Inana (Live Version)
2. Cosmosis – Howling At The Moon
3. Shakta – Tri Kay
4. MoonWeed – Mars Supial
5. Lunar Asylum – Scirroco
6. ManMadeMan – Mass Connection
7. ECT & Mass – Ants For Breakfast
8. Nervasystem – Harold Eben Dowld
9. Double Dragon – Spiked (Remix)

Feb 24, 2013
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