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Suntrip Classics!

The 15 best Suntrip releases according to discogs ratings!

Special deals

Here are all the 15 biggest Suntrip classics, if we may believe discogs! :) Only the albums/compilations with the highest score are here! :) Normal price is 167€, in this pack you pay only 100€! :)

Khetzal - Corolle
Ra - 9th

Dimension 5 - Transdimensional
VA - Opus Iridium
E-Mantra - Arcana
Artifact303 - Back To Space
Filteria - Lost in the Wild
VA - Ten Spins Around the Sun
Shakta - Retroscape
Morphic Resonance - City of Moons
Astral Projection - Let There be Light
VA - 50th parallel
Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom
Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live 1998
Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind the Sun

Dec 14, 2019

100€ instead of 159€

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