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The Suntrippers proudly present the release of Filteria’s first album. Forget about stereotyped formatted boring Psytrance, forget about the repetitiveness, Filteria has the truly melodic blasting sound we’ve been waiting for years !

Jannis “Filteria” is a young producer from Stockholm, Sweden. His first contact with psychedelic music was in 1996 after buying some Goatrance compilation. He got amazed by the energy of the music and slowly started buying equipment to make something of his own. After 5 years of tweaking and playing around with midi, he bought himself a new computer and started this psychedelic project in 2003.

As an artist he tries to keep the true spirit of psychedelic trance by having lots of melodies and sound-layers. All his tracks have at least 3 melodic climaxes. He has been strongly influenced by the sound of 96-97 especially by the Italian maestros Etnica-Pleiadians but he found his "Filteria style" and keeps it up to date.

Nov 22, 2004
(click on the player for extracts)
Operation Pulse
10:34144 bpm

Spacey morning track with a real long sunshine intro. Not too much power...Just what's needed for a live jumpstart. Well, after 3 minutes you get a one way ticket to the Stars !

Stars (StarStuff Remix)
09:42146 bpm

Massive eastern melodies. Almost 10 minutes of madness and psychedelia.
Four versions exist, two live ones, this one is something between the original made in January 2004 and the live remix for some act in May the same year.

08:25148 bpm

Very intense chemical-free trip with never-heard-before Jupiter6 distortions and lots of overdrive-self-ignition tweaked melodic parts. You are warned !

The Snuggling Snail
09:01144 bpm

"I watched the snail crawl along..." Kinda unique track you have to judge by
yourself. It was successfully tested on several crowds :) Many many melodies...

Domestic Modulator
09:04144 bpm

An absolutely demented piece of music to begin with the second half of the
album. Prepare for the oxygen warp into a mental vortex passing stars towards your internal horizon,
riding colourful melodies.

11:03146 bpm

The name says it all. We believe this is one of the most intense pieces Filteria has ever created. Screaming lines everywhere, melodies coming from all directions... Changing all the time, twisting, twirling...

Galactic Rays
09:14147 bpm

Maaaaaaad !!! Over 8 main galactic melodies...Surviving to this one on a dance floor is some kind of challenge ! Took three days to make, six to mix it.

Sky Input
07:46146 bpm

Inspired by the sunset & sunrise of the Greek island Santorini. First tested on the Belgian dance floor, it gave lots of screaming and happy faces. Atmospheric, beautiful, and insane melodies at the same time.

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