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In a far history we released the Ka-Sol debut album... This melodic kind of forest trance still exists! And now, Chronicles of Mystery Records is one of the few ones releasing this kind of music! So, if you liked it back then, we are sure you will love this compilation with mostly Swedish or Macedonian madness! :)

1 AHS* Gravesteen 8:30
2 L.A.B. Spellbound (Schoiroideairis RMX)
Remix – Schoiroideairis
3 Kiriyama Ablaze (Ka-Sol RMX)
Remix – Ka-Sol
4 Nirmanakayas Maio O Maio 8:36
5 Zoon (2) G3 7:47
6 Ka-Sol Hysterical Mass 8:11
7 Schoiroideairis Orchidea 8:23
8 Battle Of The Future Buddhas I Dont Know (Raw Mix) 9:07
9 Zoon (2) Wild Things 6:33


Jan 25, 2018
Sorry, not available in any format
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