October 25, 2020 4:48 PM

Who wants a melodic overdose: Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Beyond

Hello Suntripppers

You don't have the parties and we know you need the best of the best music to hang on to during those troubled times...

What can we possibly release after the Gamma Draconis bomb huh ? What can possibly try to top that ?

Well, Mindsphere can! In just one monkth we'll be releasing the 3rd part of the Mental Tripplex trilogy, called....BEYOND !

Ali Akgun loves hardware and old school synths, and this can be heard throughout the album! Again he finds the perfect equilibrium between raw, powerful analog old school sounds and sensitive, emotional melodies! Goa-trance lovers, get ready for more pure spacy, dreamy trance-music that will touch your heart and will bring you into other dimensions!

Release date is November 22nd and we can't wait to release it ! In the meantime, listen to those beautiful extracts :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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