August 30, 2020 5:48 PM

Presenting Gamma Draconis

A pure goa-trance compilation on CD & vinyl with Astral Projection, MFG, Xenomorph, Shakta, Oforia,... in 2020! Yes, that is still possible! Suntrip worked for years with these goa-trance legends and they made 1 more old school goa-trance track especially for us! As a result, we are proud to present "Gamma Draconis", an 8 track compilation which will please all lovers of 90s goa/psychedelic-trance! The tracks range from classic melodic trance to darker acidic stuff! Each their own!

We hope to create the same heartwarming feeling in your heart, as the one we had when we heard goa-trance for the first time!

Check this incredible tracklist:

1 Roy Sasson - Mentalogue
2 Xenomporph - Dying Sun
3 Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Shinechaser
4 Shakta - Expedition To Earth
5 Astral Projection - Dominion
6 MFG - Global Light (Retro Version)
7 RA - Eikon
8 Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories

Release date is around October 5th both in CD, Vinyl 2xLP gatefold and digital of course.

Now please proceed urgently to the SAMPLES and enjoy !!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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