January 2, 2020 2:54 AM

2020 it is!

Writing that title made me think of Star Wars...And oh yeah 2019 was certainly like that, adventurous and bumpy, and also exhexhilaratingilarating, with our 15th birthday and plenty of festivals and parties throughout the planet!

Without forgetting...

  • Psylent Buddhi
  • Total Eclipse
  • Median Project
  • Battle Of The Future Buddhas
  • Sykespico
  • Celestial Intelligence
  • MFG

We released 7 amazing albums, a true mix of oldschool and newschool thanks to our incredible artists, some of which will certainly be remembered in the Goa Trance Hall Of Fame! We're so proud to be working with those guys who worked countless hours in their studio to make you dance arms in the air, that's so beautiful!

By the way we have a product available in our shop with those seven gems! Click here.


So, what's up our sleeve in 2020 ?

Well, first the second edition of the Apsara Festival, with plenty of new ideas and artists. Chek our announcements on Facebook and on apsara-festival.com.


On the releases front, we are set on releasing an album by the spanish rising star Hypnoxock, and another one from the norwegian genius Clementz! You'll be surprised with both.

And then? And then we don't know. Mindsphere might be ready with the 3rd part of "Mental Triplex", Triquetra or Filteria might nbe too, who knows ? Maybe we'll also have some surprise :)

We wish you a stunning year 2020 and the best health you can imagine! Keep Suntripping :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Cakism on Jan 14, 2020
Would love to see some vinyl releases
I love the sound on my Let There Be Light record - just wanna throw it out there that I'm certain that a lot of people would love to see more records released on vinyl!!

Thanks for doing an awesome job <3 <3 <3
From:Ianneman on Jan 29, 2020
And what about RA? 9Th 2008, 4 years later Unearthly, 4 years later Earthcall, and now it's 4 years later again... ;)
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