December 16, 2019 4:29 AM

Christmas present incoming: MFG - Pure Energy !!!

Hello Suntrippers,

2019 was certainly a fantastic year for Goa music, with plenty of parties and plenty of mindblowing releases (and not only ours). We've been all hot and bothered all year long and it passed too fast!

And we couldn't finish it without releasing this little gem : MFG - Pure Energy

MFG aka Aharon Segal & Guy Zukrel need no introduction. Since the early days of goa-trance, this magical duo is spreading their Message From God!
After more then a decade, Aharon Segal returned in 2019 to the goa-trance scene. Going through their old DAT tapes the duo discovered some long hidden gems. To celebrate MFG’s reunion in full force, Suntrip & MFG teamed up to release a compilation of those unreleased 90’s tracks, early versions, remixes & rare tracks….a must have for all goa lovers!

You may support the artists and buy it from your usual shops including Bandcamp or our own shop.


And as our 15 Year tour comes to an end, we are celebrating it with a crazy party: MFG release party by Old Is Gold in Antwerp, Belgium, featuring MFG of course, but also Cosmosis, Chakra, Mindsphere, and Anoebis & Lynx !!! That's going to be a blast and we can't wait to celebrate our (cough) 20 years in...2024 !!


Right now we are working thoroughly on the 2020 edition of the Apsara Festival in Romania, so we may slow down on the releases output for a while. Yet we already have 2 nice albums in store for you. More about that on our next post :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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