November 8, 2019 11:08 AM

Announcing Celestial Intelligence's 2nd album "Incandescent"

Hi all !

After four years of hard work Celestial Intelligence are back with another super melodic album: "Incandescent"!

Since their debut "Perpetual Energy", they have been carefully designing their second album, paying attention on each single layer in tracks, and belive us there is plenty of them. In last few years they have tested how it works on a dancefloor, and what proves their constant improvment are bookings on the biggest festival such as Boom, ZNA, and Apsara festival where they delivered pure melodic sensation and made people fly.

This is one of those albums where you listen them in one breath! Constant flow of trippy uplifting melodies, powerful bass lines and absolutly classic celestial climaxes. Each track brings goosebumps, while you swimm trough emotional morning vibes spiced with twisted acid sounds. In this new wave of modern Goa trance, they successed to make their own stamp and deliver reconizable sound which makes you dance like nobody is watching :)

You can listen to the samples on the release page and pre-order it there or on Bandcamp !

Note: like we warned on social networks, the official worldwide release date has been pushed from November 11th to November 25th due to a pressing issue. Yet we will send the CD to those who have pre-ordered it one week earlier on November 18th.

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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