September 24, 2019 3:14 PM

Yes we're Boom Ambassadors again!

Dear Suntrippers, dear Boomers,

Yes, for the 5th or 6th edition in a row, Suntrip was chosen to be Boom Ambassadors!
Like 2 years ago, we'll sell tickets to Belgium and Luxembourg residents only. You'll be limited to 5 tickets per request.

The difference this year is that the ambassador sales will take place on October 1st, one week before the mainstream sales. Two years ago we got 500 emails and phone calls during the first night so it will definitely be worse this time. Although we still don't know what our quota is at the time of the writing of this post...

Because of that we've stopped answering to everyone individually, and we created an online form that will be accessible from October 1st 09:00 CET on .

If you call or write us (email, messenger, sms) asking for tickets, we'll invite you to go to the online form.
Also, be aware that this is me (fabien) taking care of this matter at Suntrip, and I'm behind the french phone number and the email address you can see on Boom's ambassador list, so if you reach out to Joske Anoebis, he will redirect you to me (or rather to the online form).

The process is fairly easy: from the moment the form is available, you can choose the amount of adults & kids tickets and you need to give a contact email. Then 2 things can happen:

  • either you are within our quota and you are redirected to a second page where you can fill in the details of each boomer (first name, last Name, birthdate, gender, email, country of birth, country of residence, whether you require disability or deaf community access -- you won't even have to do it straight away, from the moment you pass the first page, your request is duly recorded) and you'll be invited to pay via bank transfer or paypal. We'll issue your ticket(s) once we receive the payment.
  • or you'll be placed in a waiting list - first come, first served and when tickets get freed (lack of payment usually) you'll be, here again, invited to fill in the guests identities.

Note: like usual, we are not taking any "reservation" in advance.

In the meantime, you can read Boom's tickets infos and terms and conditions.

Now something very important: Boom stopped physical tickets after the 2014 edition, so our role as ambassadors has an increased focus on answering whichever question you may have, would it be logistic, health related, kids related, music related, etc. And for this, we'll be happy to take your calls/emails naturally :)

See you in one week !

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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