April 9, 2019 12:11 AM

Welcome to Classic Goa Trax !

Today we are introducing Classic Goa Trax. It's a sublabel of Suntrip Records, and not just "a" sublabel, but thé sublabel for all goa-lovers! 

We noticed a serious amount of old school goa releases are unavailable these days. Nowhere to find in full quality and extremely expensive on discogs. Because of that we had a talk with many of the artists and a lot of them were ok to re-release their old stuff digital with us! So what can we offer:

  • Digital re-releases of classic goa-trance albums, vinyls and singles!
  • Bandcamp and every other possible source: itunes, beatport, spotify,...

For now we agreed around 35 cds already, and we will upload 1 every week for now! The schedule of april looks like this:

15th of April: California Sunshine - Trance

22th of April: One Man Game - Total Trance

29th of April: Prana - Cyclone


And you will be able to buy this music on every online site around that date. Be sure to check on our dedicated Facebook page!



Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Ray on Apr 20, 2019
Keep on :)
Damn nice info - just got here via VA - 604 Syndroms - like it very much & thx for all your efforts to keep that beautiful old (And new) soundcolors alive ...


Greetings from Heidelberg / Bremen
From:Faiyech on May 11, 2019
Yess !
"Nowhere to find in full quality and extremely expensive on discogs."

Sadly true :'(
Great innitiative from your side and thank you so much <3
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