January 1, 2019 1:11 AM

Happy New Year 2019

Suntrippers, Apsarans,

The whole Suntrip team wishes you an outstanding year 2019 !!
May it bring you lots of joy and enlightenment. And health above all !


2018 was a pretty extreme year for us both personnally and professionnally. In the end Apsara was a success, we found closure for some of our personal ordeals, and karma kicked-in at the right moment :) We learned a lot.


In 2019 we'll focus mostly on music, but even though the next Apsara will only happen in 2020, you'll be rewarded with parties :)

We'll start the year with the mighty Psylent Buddhi album, tracks that were thought to be lost forever and that some crazy collectors helped us recover !

Next we'll probably release our "secret project". The annoucmeent should come soon now :)

It's always hard to be 100% sure of what we're going to release, inspiration is a curious thing as you know. We have a dozen albums at various stages of completion, but those which are most likely to make it in 2019 are Celestial Intelligence's second opus "Incandescent", Median Project's "Constellation" and Sykespico's debut !
Other ongoing projects include Triquetra, Filteria, Cosmic Dimension, Etheral (that's not a recurrent joke), Battle Of The Future Buddhas...you see, no matter what happens, that'll still be amazing music!


2019 is also the year we celebrate our 15 years of existence! Anoebis and Ouwe Gouwe are working hard right now at setting up a tour with great promoters around the globe! Be sure to check our FB page for regular infos about that.

Happy 2019 !

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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From:Ff on Jan 26, 2019
What about ra?!
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