October 19, 2018 10:17 AM

Denshi Danshi are back !!

Oh yes, Denshi Danshi are back! After the retrospective “Fluid Dynamics” album which contained 90’s tracks and a couple of new productions, the electric boys are proud to present “Brain Chemistry”: an album completely made in the past two years and packed with 80 minutes of pure energetic dancefloor material!

From underground parties in Israel to big festivals in Spain, and in our dear Apsara festival too, the French duo made a point of honour to blast the dancefloor. All those tracks were carefully battle-tested and refined in their studios to get the best experience possible!

Enough said, now is the time to warm up your sound system, buckle up, play the samples and get your copy!


Enjoy the music!


Huh, what ? What we're up to ? Yes sure, let's talk about that:

We're now working hard on our SUNCD50 compilation. We can disclose its name now: "The 50th Parallel". Although we always wanted to celebrate our 50th CD release, we came up with that title very recently as we realized we signed the creation of Suntrip very near that imaginary line :) Here's a WIP of the somewhat organic artwork:

Initially we wanted to have a 3xCD compil with some oldschool names on the third one. We already had some great tunes...but...we though they deserved a specific release (to come in 2019). So what we're going to release early December 2018, right in time for Xmas presents (!) is a 2xCD compilation with a pure Goa side and a Forest side! Artists range from long-time Suntrip partners like KhetzaL (yes!), Crossing Mind, Triquetra, Morphic Resonance, Battle of The future Buddhas, Ka-Sol, Sykespico, Cosmic Dimension on the one hand; and amazing dudes we've been longing to work with on the other hand: Proxeeus, Clementz, Median Project, Hada, Everything Turns, Cosmic Serpent.

We're at mastering stage and the artwork is nearly ready, so brace yourselves :)


We're also secretely working on a little surprise. Can't tell more for the moment...just know it's o.l.d.s.c.h.o.o.l !


Speaking about oldschool, we will be ready to release the mythic Psylent Buddhi album called "Secrets Of The Atom" in early 2019. Everyone, including the artist thought the tracks had been lost forever a long time ago. But someone had them and Psylent is happy to let us release them. It's a CRAZY album we're looking at, showing a mighty - almost supernatural - mastering of acid lines and massive climaxes. Just listen to Sunborn's Mix @ Apsara Festival, he played two of those tracks there :)


Oh while we're at it, maybe you saw that we're going to do it again: we announced Apsara Festival 2020 last week! As you guessed already it's going to be a on biennial basis. In the meantime you can let your kneecaps to rest...or...come with us to ZNA 2019 :)


Back on the release front, apart from the aforementioned oldschool compilation, Celestial Intelligence are nearing completion to their second album which will be called "Incandescent", and fantastic artists like Mindsphere, Triquetra, Cosmic Dimension, Filteria, Merr0w or even Ethereal are still tweaking their machines to make you vibrate in the coming couple of years.


See you soon!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Goa Angel on Oct 27, 2018
Great days are coming for goa trance :)
From:Maxime on Oct 30, 2018
Yes yes yes. Vert good news. Il press
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