July 20, 2018 11:39 PM

It's the festival season, and not any festival!

Hello dear Suntrippers...and dear Apsarans :)

As you know we've been carefully baking the Apsara Festival to be held near Sibiu in Romania from August 8th to 12th.
If you still don't have your ticket, please rush on tickets.apsara-festival.com and come to listen to la crème de la crème of Goatrance !!!

In the meantime you can meet us at Boom in the coming days. Celestial Intelligence will be presenting their new album on the mainstage on Wednesday July 25th !

Oh yeah we may have a little surprise ready for those who will attend the Apsara Festival...a good Goa festival in Romania doesn't come without a good Goa allbum from Romania :) The new E-Mantra baby will hit the shelves around September 1st but Apsarans will probably be able to get their hands on it 3 weeks earlier.

If you're jealous, you can always go and listen to the samples.

This is the 4th album for E-Mantra, one of the most famous protagonists of modern goa-trance. For this new fairytale, called "Stapanii Timpului", he was inspired by the ominous legends of his homecountry, Romania. Mantralicious! 

The album starts with "Rusalka", a huge dancefloor stormer with an enormous kick, followed by a darker pure acid 303-stormer: "Ghosts in the Mist". Slowly the album evolves in recognisable E-Mantra territories: darker acidic goa-trance with spooky melodies and massive bass. Tracks like "Ravenmocker", "At The Foothills of Kogaion" & "Typhon's Wrath" will destroy every trancefloor! During the last tracks we hear the first rays of sun again! Blisfull melodies accompanied by another dose of acid-sounds allover! To end this epic story E-Mantra shows his ability for downtempo trance again.

No doubt, when this album hits the speakers, it will make you dance, smile and go crazy! And if you like it, dont forget the other classics by E-Mantra released on Suntrip Records! As usual the mastering is done by Tim Schuldt, for an extra crispy result! 

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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