January 1, 2017 2:14 AM

Happy New Year 2017!

The Suntrip team wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year !
Please take care of your family and your health, these are the most precious of all!

Oooh 2016 !!

It's a safe bet to say 2016 was our busiest year. And our most emotional. That was the year 12 years of relentless efforts and shortened nights paid off. That was a year of parties and festivals, interviews, partnerships. That was the year Suntrip was given a huge shocase at Boom in addition to the increasing support we get from Connection every year, without forgetting new initiatives like Transylvaliens!
Also, we're not forgetting our audience. Every time we get a greetings messgae, everytime the crowd explodes to one of our artists' tracks, it brings a lot of positive energy and will to keep going.
Thanks guys, thanks everyone, that means so much to us that my eyes are getting wet as I'm writing this.

As a result of this work & emotional overload, we were completely worn out in November before Imba's release! But fortunately we're helped by really amazing people!

Let's make a small recap, shall we?

While writing this I wondered if we'd delivered what we'd promised last year. Well, pretty much every project that was well advanced got released. The only disappointment was not having the time to release a compilation...

There were also simple enjoyable things like that:


On the other hand, 2016 was also a saddening year in terms of peace and freedom in the world. Those key values are increasingly at risk, even in so-called developed countries. We're extremely worried and are praying to see things improve for everyone, everywhere. Please don't be passive and act, or we'll be sorry one day!


So, 2017 :)

Suntrip relentelessly aims at making people happy; so here's out contribution for 2017™:

  • SUNCD45 : Mindsphere - Mental Triplex - ??

The second opus of the trilogy, the follow-up to "Presence" is being prepared. It will contain E.P.I.C. pieces of music.

  • SUNCD46: K.O.B. - ??

Filteria's side project is reaching maturation. We had a full album in 2009, but the sound wasn't yet distinctive enough from its bigger brother project and the tracks needed to find the good balance between scando-weirdness and dancefloor-affinity. The project was rebooted in 2014 and 8/9 tracks are being chosen out of the dozen written since. We're VERY close. We even have an almost complete artwork!

  • SUNCDLE02: Astral Projection vs Filteria vs Morphic Resonance - Fiat Lux

Avi Nissim announced it last Summer. We're almost ready. The Astral Projection guys are polishing the two tracks they're going to let us release. One remix of Filteria's "Filtertraces", and one remix of SFX "Y-Salem"! To try and balance that Filteria has remixed Astral Projection's "Let There Be Light" and Morphic Resonance has remixes for "Enlightened Evolution" and "Black & White". This EP will be released in collaboration with "Trust In Trance", to celebrate their return to the scene!

  • SUNCD47/48... and/or SUNCDLE06 ?

Well, we're not sure yet. These releases will contain at least two compilations. We're ashamed to have spent almost two years without a compilation. All the more as we're in the middle of a frenzy of promo-listening and it hurts to see many very talented artsist urgently need to be properly showcased!

One of these releases will be compiled by our friend and DJ Frankie "Lord Flames", to promote the Connection Festival 2017.

Another one of these releases will be a celebration-compilation for our 50th release...it should have been SUNCD50 but...ooops...I see we're already at 52 releases including limited and digital editions, and 49 CDs without counting the Amakusa "Sakura" Mix...

ANYWAY, we have to celebrate: FIFTY releases! Had we been told 12 years ago, we wouldn't have believed it!!!


  • Other plans? Yes, Merr0w, Celestial Intelligence, Cosmic Dimension and Ethereal are still working on their new albums. Give them the time, it will come.



Yes, we working on a new website. This one is becoming old and its design may make your eyes bleed. Time to change that.

By the way, TB is back is managing our YouTube channel again. We've come up with a new interview concept, expect some surprises...

We're looking forward to interact a lot with everyone whilst still focusing on our core and we're striving finding new ways to make Goatrance great again as widespead as possible.

The year will be full of interesting moments for oldschool lovers. There's the Purim Festival in Israel, and we'll be at ZNA Gethering in Portugal, Balkan Goa Fanatics in Croatia, Connection Festival in Spain, Lost Theory, Transylvaliens in Romania, and many others...


Once again, we wish you the very best for 2017. Love.


Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Xezlec on Feb 11, 2017
Holy shit, Filteria + Astral Projection?! My head will literally explode!
From:Datmafia on Apr 21, 2017
This literally cannot nbe released soon enough:
suncdle02: astral projection vs filteria vs morphic resonance - fiat lux
mind blown!
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