December 9, 2016 7:01 PM

Imba - First Encounter : Meet the aliens, not Santa Claus!

Thanks for your amazing response with the RA and Crossing Mind albums!
To be honnest we were exhausted after months full of releases, parties and festivals, and we remained silent for a few weeks to recover some energy. But not before sending an ultimate release to the press...

You had it seen coming, since the page had been put online a while ago... Today, Suntrip is proud to announce the imminent release of Imba' debut album: "First Encounter"! The official release was set to December 9th, but we had some logistic issues, hence the release will be available on digital platforms next Monday and on the shelves from the middle of next week.

After three years of hard work, Imba a.k.a Nikola Petrovic from Nis, Serbia is unleashing “First Encounter”, an album packed with full power goa trance for celestial beings.

This may be a debut album but Imba is not a newcomer: he’s been producing goa trance under his own project and as part of Space Elves for 7 years. And he’s been performing throughout Europe and beyond for several years too.

With “First Encounter”, Imba experimented a lot to achieve a crossover from Goa Trance to modern Psytrance styles. Standing on top of a solid melodic base, you will hear some elements from Progressive, Fullon, Forest... there is offbeat, there is gallop, there is slide bass, there are breakbeats and lofis to give the listener the most diverse melodic sound experience!

“First Encounter”’ listeners will experience atmospheres ranging from night time and acidic to morning and euphoric, even epic.

Rendez-vous on the releaase page for the samples!

01 Imbaba & 303 Trancers
02 Hidden Paradise
03 Cosmos In Her Eyes
04 First Encounter
05 Blacklight Beings
06 Creature Of Heaven
07 Digital Non-Sense (with Ephedra)
08 After All (Lydia Delay remixed by Imba)
09 Rising Sun

Contrary to many artists trying to recreate Goa from 20 years ago Imba has headed towards modern fat in-yer-face production with endless layers of deep psychedelia meeting old school spirit!
Now Christmas is upon us, this is the perfect gift make to your friends or to yourself!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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