November 8, 2016 10:18 AM

Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality is released

Crossing Mind is back with a 3rd album! :) After the Inner Shift it took him 3 years to make his next milestone! This time, his music has a harder retro feeling, and is a little more melodic as before... But of course, his typical strong kicks, spiralling harmonies and sharp sound effects are there as well! :) 
You can listen to the samples and find all info on the shop's page.
1. Cyclotron
2. The Foolish Mind
3. No Hazardous Material Signs
4. Hypnotropic (2016 Remix)
5. Alpha Centauri
6. No Event Horizon 
7. PsyKo-Mind-Porteur
8. Life Forms
And it is now for sale on all our channels! :) Some of the most important for cds! (digital is available on all possible shops)
Enjoy the music !!!
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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