February 23, 2016 1:02 PM

Where are the Boom Tickets?

The Boom Ambassadors ticket sale is supposed to have started today. But you've seen there's none for sale on our shop.
Given the amount of emails and phone calls this morning, a clarification is needed.
Back in December, the Boom realized they were going to be sold out soon, so they allowed us to put a "reservation" list in place. And so we kept writing the names of those inquiring as they came.
Since then we're between 300 and 400 inquiries, each for 1 to 6 tickets. Naturally our meager ticket quota is long gone now.
And that covers the next phase tickets as well.
Every other Boom Ambassador I know is in the same situation. We're really sorry for this. On the other hand, we're happy to see the Boom be a victim of its success.
That said, keep in mind there were 60.000 people at the Boom 2014 and it was barely manageable (that's the terms the Boom guys used last time I called them). Clearly, limiting to 33.333 tickets is not an easy decision for them, but it is for the greater good, and to ensure a nicer Boom experience.
Our advice is to keep on watching the Boom and Boom Ambassadors Facebook pages in case something, anything, comes up.
Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 1
From:Yaiza on Jul 1, 2016
Buy Boom Tickets
Could be possible that you have 1 ticket for Boom? .... The thing is that we had work for another festival during the summer, and unfortunately everything changed in the last moment, we just got the news this monday. So we started to look for 2 tickets for Boom, my boyfriend just got one, but i still need one for me. I hope you can make me very happy :)

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