February 14, 2016 6:33 PM

New and old goa in the Suntrip shop!

After our amazing Mindsphere release, we offer you much more... We have a lot of old and new goa-trance releases in stock as well now! :) We hope to become your hub for physical goa-trance releases soon... have a look of the stuff that is available! :)

Old School Releases

VA - Spiritual Trance 1 (Avatar)
VA - Pure Planet 3 (Dimensional)
VA - Pure Planet 4 (Dimensional)
Etnica - Alien Protein (Avatar)
Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch (Avatar)
Toi Doi - Technologic (Avatar)

Psychpod - Dreampod (TIP Records)
VA - Tip Singles 2 (TIP Records)
VA - Tip Singles 3 (TIP Records)
VA - Trance de Eivissa (TIP Records)
VA - Movers & Groovers at the Temple of Down (TIP Records)
Cosmosis - Trancendance (Holophonic)

Independent Releases:
Masa - Son Ov a Seed (Japan)
VA - Integration in the Cave (Japan)
Aavepyora - Katso Kukkaa (Finland)
Omegahertz - Anamorfoplasis (Greece)
E-Mantra/Suufi Astrolab - Astrograms (Romania)
Omegahertz - Valsamon (Greece)

Zion604 Records:
Skizologic - Robotized
Skizologic - Remind
Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions
VA - Scandi 90s - The Vikings Return
VA - Flight 604 II
Deviant Electronics - Green Room
VA - The Kingdrom

DAT Records:
Doof - Let's Turn On Remixed
VA - Analog Dreams
Pleiadians - IFO (3CD version)

Goa Madness Records:
VA - Evolutive Perception
VA - Floating Between The Moon & The Sun
Ephedra - Journey Through My Head
VA - Memories From Goa Madness

Matsuri Productions:
VA - Time Paradox
VA - Nu Goa From Japan 2

Proxeeus - At The Mountains of Madness
Arronax - Crossing The Rubicon

Kagdila/Dimensional Records:
VA - Pure Planet 2
VA - Pure Planet 3
VA - Pure Planet 4
Liquid Flow - Presence

Global Sect:
Psy-H Project - Dance of Distant Worlds
VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds (Global Sect)

Unicorn Music:
Radical Distortion - Regenesis 

Radical Distortion vs Mendark - Purple Energy

Cronomi Records:
VA - Erta Ale 
Artha - Influencing Dreams 

All kind of labels:

Texas Faggott - Petomans Peflett (Exogenic Records)

Luomuhappo - Pogomatic Pogomen 30000000 (Freakdance Records)
Orthonorma - Time 2 Wait (Altar/Sunline Records)
Chronos & CJ Catalizer - Quid Est Veritas (Ajana Records)
VA - Goa Trance Legacy (Spacedock Records)
VA - Goa Trance Revolution (Goa-Trance.com)
Jikooha - Revolution Spaceship (Panorama Records)
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