December 12, 2015 12:00 PM

Infos about Boom Festival 2016 "Ambassador" tickets


For the 2016 edition, Boom have stated that only 33.333 tickets would be available, therefore, people have rushed on the First and Second tickets sale phases, which are now sold out, and Boom is only able to sell full price (180€) tickets from now on.

Your only chance to get cheaper tickets (150€) remain the Ambassadors, AND the good news is we'll be Ambassadors for the Boom Festival 2016 for the third time. That means you'll be able to buy some Boom tickets from our online shop...from February 23rd to July 13th 2016 !

And as expected, we're flooded with reservation requests :) DAMN!

The Boom organization is duly aware of that and have told us they can accept reservations provided you give us BEFORE DECEMBER 15th:

  • The complete name of each attendee
  • Their ID number (valid ID card that they will have to show at the gates)
  • A valid email address for each, where to send the e-ticket
  • Whether or not you'll want to use the Boom bus (from Lisbon or Madrid usually)


Some attention points:

  • The ambassadors' list is here, and you can see there's a sales point in The Netherlands this time, so we'd be grateful if you could liaise with them if you're from these countries. In other words we'll be happy to serve future Boom attendees from Belgium (and Luxemburg, OK, OK).
  • We gave a french phone number, sorry for that, but one of us lives in France and the other who's in Belgium wouldn't be able to answer you due to the constraints of his real life job.
  • So, please don't hesitate to write us instead on , we'll answer QUICK.
  • By the time we have paper tickets, please don't come knocking at our address in Gent, that's our office, not a physical shop. That's why it's not on the list and why you'll have to buy from our online shop.

Hopefully, everything will be all right ;)
Cheers !

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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