September 8, 2015 11:16 PM

Some new stuff in our Suntrip shop!! :)

So, the summer is over... This means, more music!! :) We just finalised all for our next 2 releases:

SUNCD38: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics
SUNCDEP01: Night Hex - Viziuni Nocturne

They will be released in the beginning of october! 
More info about this soon... :)

In the mean time we can offer more goa-trance from other labels! We just got some new stuff in stock from our Japanese friends of Rajas Records, releasing weird & twisted goa trance!

VA - Integration of the Cave

Besides this we offer almost the full catalogue of our partners of Zion604 Records as well now! :) 

Skizologic - Robotized
Skizologic - Remind
Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions
VA - Scandi 90s
VA - Scandi 90s II - The Viking Returns
VA - The Kingdom
VA - Phoenix
VA - Flight 604 II

And to finalise, we also have a big classic back in stock... Dimension 5 - Second Phaze!! Only 10 sealed items, so don't wait too long! :) 

Posted by: Anoebis
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