July 4, 2015 10:26 AM

Heads up, here is the Lost Theory Park mix by Lord Flames !

A few days ago, DJ Lord Flames played at the Lost Theory "park edition".
This was a magic day with a great orgnization and above all a stunning smiling crowd who enjoyed the set very much.
To thank everyone present and to send everyone all his best vibes for the summer, Lord Flames ahas decided to make the set available to everyone on Soundcloud. Enjoy!!!
Message from Lord Flames: "This set is dedicated my family Pepe and Malorie, and to all the people believing in the power of this music!  See you on the next dancefloor and i hope to see all of you on Connection Festival in Spain"
01 Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla in Trance.
02 Cactus Arising - Transfer at the speed of Light 
03 Radical Distortion - Quantum Gravity.
04 Spece Elves -Tokyo Old School (Original Mix)
05 Omneon - Sirius 
06 Radical Distortion The score
07 Omnivox - Inner Polarity (2014 Rework).
08 Hypnoxock - No Time To Cry
09 Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Rmx).
10 Celestial Intelligence - Anapa
11 RA - Gateway 8 (Cosmic Diemension Remix)
14 Filteria - Ultimator!
15 Morphic Resonance - Tachyon
16 Lunar Dawn - Creative Substance 
18 Veasna - Dreams
17 Asia 2001 - Flirt Filter
18 Power Source - Gargamel
19 UX - Master of universe
20 Prana - Alien Prets *Filteria Remix*
21 Pleiadians - Alcyone *Morphic Resonance Remix*...
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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