January 1, 2015 10:52 PM

Happy new year 2015

The Suntrip team wishes you a happy new year 2015. May it bring you a strong health and stunning music !

Many things have changed in 2014. Suntrip is no longer two guys, we are now a cluster of people who are in charge of the music selection, orders, parties, youtube, facebook, bookings...

As far as releases are concerned, we have given our DJs the tools to better access promos and make tracks selections, which will obviously end up on greater compilations, and more opportunities for producers, like digital releases.

On the mainstream release sfront, we'll start the year with Celestial Intelligence's album "Perpetual Energy". And energy, there is, in these 75 minutes of pure newschool goa trance made by a very strong duo from Kumanovo, Macedonia!

Check the extracts.

01 Into The Depths Of Illusion
02 Divine Miracles
03 Constant Motion
04 Anapa
05 Celestial Beings
06 1001 Reasons
07 Gray Matter
08 A Different Story
09 Perpetual Energy

Later, we'll release a set of Prana remixes on CD together with Masturi.

There's the long awaited re-issue of Asia 2001 Psykadelia of course (no, we haven't forgotten about it, we were just too busy in 2014)

We had RA on the phone a few days ago and he promised he'd complete his album for 2015!

And last but not least, we're going to release a retro album by a fantastic oldschool group: Denshi Danshi. From France, one of the most talented duos of the POF era, the authors of the unforgettable "Feed the Mugwumps" is back! Expect great unreleased tunes and maybe new productions too!

There may be more: Mindsphere, Crossing Mind, Ethereal, and others are working on more crazy music for 2015 or 2016.


Stay tuned and once again, we all wish you an exhilarating year 2015 !!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 1
From:Trance2Moveu on Jan 26, 2015
This is great news! So much stuff to look forward to. Great job Suntrip! Hope whatever Ethereal is working on it includes a copy of his debut!
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