July 17, 2014 4:03 PM

Epoch of the Terrans - out now!

Are you having a good summer? Ah good :)
If you're craving Goatrance right now, we have what you need with a new Limited Edition compilation.
'Epoch Of The Terrans' is the result of a collaboration between NEOGOA and SuntripRecords.
This limited edition CD is compiled by Neogoa label-head Richpa  and it features some of the most psychedelic and melodic Goa trance tracks released on Neogoa  in last three years, but this time with brand new mastering by Tim Schuldt and unique artwork.
'Epoch Of The Terrans' features popular artists such as Crossing MindImbaArronax & SomnesiaAstrancer, as well, as promising talents like Morphic ResonanceBlackStarrFinaleLunar DawnGoaTree and Mindphoria.
01 Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner
02 Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World
03 Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Rmx)
04 BlackStarrFinale - A New Name
05 GoaTree - The Force
06 Arronax & Somnesia - Black Hole (Revisited)
07 Astrancer - Tetragrammaton
08 Mindphoria - The Picture
NEOGOA is a newschool Goa trance netlabel, website and design studio founded in 2010 by Richpa, with the aim to release, promote and share high quality psychedelic trance and ambient music. NEOGOA has been known by his highly sucessful Dimensional Gateway compilation series, aswell as being the creator of Future Architecture and Pantheon compilations.
NEOGOA achieved the status of one of the best psychedelic trance netlabels in less than three years. Our highly acclaimed compilations, always placing highly in Ektoplazm’s publicly voted annual “best of” list, is a testament to Neogoa’s vision and hard work, as well as the musicians who made it happen. Neogoa is proud to be one of the leading Goa trance 
promotional platforms for this unique music and culture, with over 20 hours of the finest free and legal Goa trance and psychedelic ambient released so far and with over 70 various artists and DJs featured.

There's only 300 copies of 'Epoch of the Terrans', and you can find it on our shop, and within a few days on the main digital platforms.

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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