March 10, 2014 11:42 AM

New t-shirts in stock and reissues

Responding to popular demand, here are new tshirts series:

- Our Special Limited Edition 10 Years Anniversary T-Shirt

On the front the sun is orange fluoro, and the writing is white.
On the back is the quote "Suntrip Records \ A decade of enlightening goa-trance" in white


- New prints or the "DotSun" t-shirts in red, green (lighter than before), purple, and a new color: a sweet honey orange!


Furthermore, we have reissued Filteria - Daze of Our Lives (SUNCD14) and E-Mantra Arcana (SUNCD17).

Both these albums have been out of stock for a while and they're so good that they really deserved a repress. Not mentioning we dislike seeing high prices for our cds on discogs.

They are both back as 300 copies only, with a specific quote on the artwork and the CD mentioning it's a limited reissue.


Meanwhile we've also introduced "social pricing", meaning you may benefit from special prices for Suntrip releases on our shop depending on your country. social "areas" are:

  • Cental and South America
  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa (except South Africa)
  • The middle east (except Israël, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
  • A part of Asia (except Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China)
  • Most islands (except Australia, New Zealand, Channel Islands, some Virgin Islands...)


Apart from that, we're working on our triple-CD  10 years compilation, the tracklist will be complete in the coming days.

This goes together with a lot of birthday parties around the globe! Don't miss the Belgian one to begin with:

Filteria, Prana, Mindsphere, Crossing Mind, Anoebis... this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Also we're going to release a new artist album of... SHAKTA!!!!  We will release a cd with 7 hard to find/expensive to find vinyl/cd tracks, and 2 unreleased tracks from the 90s, with brand new mastering of course!! 

And we even have another similar project in'll see soon :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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