July 12, 2004 12:00 PM

Suntrip is born

Hi there,

Suntrip papers were signed yesterday at the frontier during a party at the frontier of Belgium and France.

:icon_arrow: Suntrip aims at showing alternatives to nowadays’ psy-trance scene.
Suntrip mainly focuses on melodic psy-trance like in the good old times, but with modern production. Yet, any other original ideas, like morning progressive, ambient, ethnic, are welcome too. FullOn is not welcome here.

Hang on, we will stop at nothing to send you to the Stars :icon_mrgreen: !

contact : info@suntriprecords.com
Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 4
From:Amithaba Buddha on Oct 29, 2004
cheers for this great news!
best of luck for this great project. :)
From:psy-mush on Nov 15, 2004
Mars and Anoebis, I wish you both the best with the label (i hope i'm also in it someday as a dj :))

Nice things are born on nice places :)

Lots of love and support.
From:Fimoo on Nov 16, 2004
Best of luck to you guys :)
I love this label allready, looking forward to some refreshing mindcandy!

Love and Light
From:DEADHEAD on Feb 28, 2005
nothing like the good old school!

love and light
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