January 1, 2013 9:06 PM

Happy New Year

The Suntrip Team sends you their best sunshine wishes.

We hope 2013 will be a healthy and wealthy year for you and your families.

We also expect you to have nice psychedelic moments. On our side, we'll start with Dimension5 in just a few weeks (more on that when we know the release date). This album, called "TransAddendum" will be made of unreleased tunes...and there will be a surprise too :)

After that: Filteria and RA !!! These two highly acclaimed headliners are almost ready for their 4th album. If you've seen them playing live recentely, well, you know what that means :)

More? Nebula Meltdown has a pretty advanced album now. We also have a pretty wicked compilation in mind. Other artists we usually work with are working hard too: E-Mantra, Khetzal (yes he's back!), Antares, Ethereal...

Anyway, no sure plans yet but you know what's in the pipe and we'll make our best to send you to the stars!


The good news: for the 9th year in a row, Suntrip CDs will stay at 10€. And the sale rule (1 Suntrip CD offered for 3 purchased) remains in place for the moment. And we still have a few original Goasia, Ka-Sol, Khetzal, Apsara, Filteria, so don't hesitate.

The bad news: stamps. As usual, bpost had increased their crazy fares by 4%. Shipping one CD to Europe is supposed to cost you 3.39€ (resp 4.02€ for the rest of the World). However, similarly as in 2012, we've acquired hundreds of stamps in advance, which will make you benefit from a discount...on the 2012 prices, yeah. Above 4 CDs we have to align on current parcel prices though. In other words:

Shipping 1 CD 2-3 CDs <=10CDs
Belgium 1.30€ 1.95€ 6.40€
Europe 2.97€ 5.94€ 12.90€
World 3.57€ 7.14€ 21.50





Oh ah and our releases will still be digitally available on iTunes, Amazon, etc, and on our shop of course.

See you soon!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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