August 11, 2012 10:35 AM

Boom aftermatch and a couple of mixes

Let us quote Filteria: "The Boom festival was great! They really improved from 2010. Was pure joy to play. Thanx for the organisors and a big thanx to the great audience! Here are 3 wonderful videos that capture the massive vibe :) And you can hear some unreleased material that will be released later on Suntrip :)"

If you were there, indeed you must have noticed Filteria has quite a lot of new material in store......



Besides, we have noticed a couple of mixes for your enjoyment:

From StevO : "A Taste of NewSchool" on Spoundcloud (incl Mindsphere, Filteria, Crossing Mind, Aerosis)

From Ovnimoon:  "Suntrip and FullMoon Reconection set 2012" on Soundcloud Zippyshare (incl Filteria, E-Mantra, Antares).

Thank you guys!


More on the new Suntrip releases soon...sorry, it's the summer period :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Filami on Aug 25, 2012
Looking at those picture makes me cry of emotion. Thanks for Filteria and All other awesome artist for their great work. Thanks for all the visual artist for the day and night art they provided on the event. This is truly an event that I will never forget. Thanks for my girlfriend to support me so much. I am so looking forward for Boom 2014, can't wait already.
From:Eugene on Sep 28, 2012

Thanks for the mixes.

But I would like to ask about Ovnimoon mix, under which license is it released?
May I remove the intro speech from it?

Thanks again.
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