December 1, 2011 2:42 AM

Stamps // 2012

We already stated the Post prices in our country are getting up our noses.

If you read french, you can see how stamps prices can skyrocket by 44% in Belgium in 5 years. Reasons given are:

  • alignment on the increase of the cost of life (one of the poorest reasons ever)
  • modernization of the company's processing (the same company that keeps closing offices, and stopped distribution on saturdays)
  • accelerated decrease of the volume of mail (that's the digital world guys, and if stamps were less expensive in the first place, it would maybe be different)

I could propose: poor management, poor organization and squandering.


Anyway. That bullshit before dropping the news: the stamps prices will increase again in 2012. I mean: WOW, they dare!

Look, a boxed CD is usually 100 grams, a little more with bubbles. So the 350 grams fare applies. According to 2012 prices, that should be 6.54€ to ship one CD in Europe. With a letter? 7€. And 8€ if you live outside Europe.

You read well, you will be supposed to pay 7€ or 8€ to ship one 10€ CD out of Belgium in 2012! Plain stupid.
But with Suntrip it will be 2.79€ or 3.30€, as it used to be in 2011 and 2010.
How ?

  • Since SUNCD18 we are using a new manufacturing process. The plastic is thinner and the paper a little lighter. Weight became 85-90g, so the 100 grams fare applies. 50% off.
  • In 2011 we bought stamps in volume to obtain the 2010 prices. For 2012, we have already bought one entire year worth of stamps with the 2011 fare !!!!
  • We are keeping packaging free.


Side note: since 2004 our prices haven't changed. 10€/SUNCD. Who can claim the same?

Several times, we didn't allow ourselves to rise our base price, whilst physical sales were decreasing and many other spending costs were pressuring us. Actually we cannot do like the Post here, push prices up and bury our heads in the sand, hoping people will swallow. Goatrance is a small scene that has been used to getting music for free for a long time, and we can't afford to lose the few people that actually buy our stuff (you know who you are, be blessed), especially in this depressive period.

Instead, we practiced cost-cutting in a few areas, invested in promotion, multiplied distribution means (digital) and partnerships and of course raised our music quality standards!

What remains to be seen is whether Suntrip is still a viable company. At first sight yes, else I wouldn't be writing here :) This is the subject of a forthcoming blog post here, we do a status once a year. To be honnest, we're not datawarehouse masters but we are currently wokring on a few stats that will show for instance to which extent digital sales compensate the losses on physical sales, or show the sales "profile" of a CD, and see what actions to take to sustain our activity.

At the end of the day, what's important is to keep selecting and releasing the best up-to-date Goatrance for your ears and minds' pleasures :) 23 CDs on the counter. Enjoy!!!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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