November 27, 2011 10:51 PM

What are we doing now ?

What are we doing now? Well, we are trying to complete a compilation tracklist. Codename: SUNCD24.

We have had litterally thousands of promos since "EnergyWaves" and "Temple of Chaos". Thank you for that. We tried to answer to each and every of you. We are all the more respectful to you as you are increasingly good at making tracks.

So SUNCD24 will feature, as usual, some of our legacy Suntrip Knights, but also a bunch of new guys you've never heard of and yet blew our minds (especially from eastern-Europe).

There's not much we can tell right now because we're still hesitating on a couple of tracks. The style is clearly uptempo Goatrance, very colourful, silicon-trip-esque, dancefloor-adrenalin. Pure ear-pleasure. The release date? February 2012 probably...

The artwork is being done by me with the complicity of Margot Schaffer (or the contrary), as we always do with our V/A's. Expect all the colors of the Sun :)


Well, if you want to ear a showcase, just come to the "Old Is Gold XII" party on December 3rd (start 10pm, 12€, Elewijt city, you know the place).

See you soon for more infos:)


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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