January 9, 2011 5:30 AM

2011 post fares

Remember what we think about the post in our country?

We got the 2011 fares. "A small rise, every year, like cigarettes you know", told me the person at the desk.

- Regular stamps prices (that we use when you order up to 4 cds) have risen by +5%.
- Parcels are between +15% and +25% more expensive depending on the region on the world your country is.
  But no problem since you had a 15% salary raise this year, right ?
- Noticeable decreases are for France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the UK, provided you order more than 1kg of cds (that is >10 cds!).
- There's also a decrease for the whole middle east (Israël too natuallry) and for the USA (but not Canada) from 500grams (> 5 cds).

So, please don't be surprised, we cannot help it. On the contrary, as usual, we will commit on:

- applying srictly the post prices cent for cent (check them here, here and here),
- keeping packaging free for our customers,
- packaging in the format that is the cheaper,
- finding grouping solutions if needed.

OK back to music now. We have big announcements to make...

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 1
From:Joost on Jan 12, 2011
Tell us the announcements, Fabien! :)
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