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April 9, 2022 11:01 AM

Filteria is back with "Live With the Lag"

After 9 years and wrecking havoc on countless dancefloors and festivals across the globe, Filteria is back for his 5th studio album called "Live With the Lag"! and what might be his best album to date. 

Instead of squashing the audience end to end, Jannis Tzikas takes you on the hop in a dazzling 9-track experience where he shows he can take you anywhere through his melodic mastery!

"Live With the Lag" was worth the wait, Filteria didn't make any compromise and remains at the apex of the modern Goa Trance genre! Get the extracts on the release page !

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February 13, 2022 10:28 AM

Tim Schuldt to start the year with "Retrospecter"

Tim Schuldt is one of the big magicians of the early goa-trance scene!
Starting in the mid 90s with pure acid/goa-trance, he slowly evolved to more heavy and stronger industrial influenced trance. A lot of his older acidic music was released under different names and projects, which resulted in this cd.

With Retrospecter we hilighted, and remastered Tim Schuldt's strongest bangers that were unreleased or concealed on vinyls & rare compilations. We have 3 never before released tracks on this album: Aurinko, Northern Light (who was only partly released on the Black Hole compilation) and Is it Still Too Late, that was released as another version on vinyl only.
Of course there is more great old music from Tim Schuldt. The other tracks were re-released as 'single collections' on Suntrip's sublabel 'Classic Goa Trax'.
Mastering was done by Tim Schuldt himself obviously! Get to the release page for the extracts and enjoy the madness!

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December 15, 2021 8:30 PM

Some songs before Christmas by BOTFB !!

Battle of the Future Buddhas is back with a second, very old school, album on Suntrip! :)

David Tingsgard from Sweden was formerly known for his crazy melodic forest trance in the 90s, but in the mean time his style evolved to a slower, warmer back to the roots type of old school goa-trance! His last album on Suntrip, "The light behind the sun", already gave a taste of this. His new album went even a bit further. More old school, groovy, deeper, a bit more hypnotic, experimental, repetitive and filled with warm melodies allover! If you want to feel the vibe of the Indian beaches in the 90s, where the magic was happening, close your eyes, press play and have a nice voyage!

The beautiful artwork was made by Aashit Singh and the album was mastered by Christer Lundstrom, aka Ka-Sol!

Now get into the mod witht he samepls on the release page !!!

Release dateis December 17th, just in tome for a nice Xmas gift !

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October 1, 2021 10:06 PM

Afgin is back : We all want Eternal Freedom !

The new Afgin is out today! If you are looking for warm, positive emotional old styles goa-trance that will beam you immediately to a tropical beach? Search no longer: Elad Afgins second album on Suntrip is exactly what you need!


Lovers of positive, warm euphoric old schoolish goa-trance... Afgin is back!  After a break of 6 years, his long awaited 4th album on Suntrip Records called "Eternal Freedom" is now finally available. Once again this Israeli master of goa-trance takes you on a journey filled with blisfull harmonies, acid 303s, euphoric climaxes and sunny melodies! Each track is a story on its own, showcasing Afgins talent and love for true melodic, Astral Projection-like goa-trance!
This new album was highly influenced by his live performances on countless parties & festivals around the globe, where he was spreading his powerful, positive vibes, sending the crowd into a blissful state of mind! And the future looks good, if you play this music loud enough, you will reach eternal freedom through trance & dance!
Like usual this release is crystal clear mastered by Tim Schuldt.

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June 29, 2021 7:29 PM

Time for summer, time for Suntopia!

Suntrip Records announces a new classic goa-trance compilation! Big names such as Filteria, Mindsphere, Triquetra, Afgin & Merr0w are mixed with Suntrip newcomers Innerzone, Mini Spacer & Party Droid! But one thing they all have in common: they create smashing goa-trance! Release date: 30th of july!

1. Mindsphere- Inside
2. Mini Spacer - The Call Of The Whales
3. InnerZone - Sea Of Tranquility
4. Merr0w- Cephalopod Awareness
5. Triquetra - A Large Cup Of Chaos, Please
6. Party Droid - Into The Night
7. Filteria - Bring Everything But Whistles
8. Afgin - Solar Lights

After our concept compilations Gamma Draconis (old school guys making one more goa-track) and Carpe Noctem (melodic foresty goa) we felt the urge to go back to our roots. The best of melodic & acidic goa-trance!

The emotional, sensitive and hypnotic melodic part is covered by a deep trancy track by Mindsphere, a spiralling morning monster by Afgin & a hypnotic floater by Mini Spacer. The acidic part is done, once again, by the Triquetra brothers who probably eat 303 as breakfast! Also Merr0w comes with a hallucinogenic acidic stomper. The euphoric part is taken care of by the allmighty Filteria, and the Swedish newcomer Party Droid, who will surprise with powerful uplifting music, plus the Israeli dragonfly Innerzone, who knows exactly how to build atmospheres! Enjoy!

Artwork by Bart Hurtm Van


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April 30, 2021 12:00 PM

Median Project returns with "Another Galaxy"

Big news, the newest Median Project album is released today!

Median Project is today's psychedelic synonym for full power melodic modern goa-trance! After "Constellation" 2 years ago on Suntrip, he's back with a wonderful sequel coined "Another Galaxy"! Tons of melodies, more utopic melodies, acid highlights and insane climaxes that will turn you inside out and bring a big spring smile on your face! You can't but feel transported by tracks like "Starry Sky", "Deep Dive", "Other Life Form", or "Lone Star". "Time Lord" and "Devil Fish" tend to explore new rhythms and instruments, while "Human Error" and "Flight To Jupiter" give a more peotic vision of the alien mind behind Median Project! Hopefully we will be able to experience this joyfull madness together on a dancefloor soon !!

Now available on CD and digitally of course on: 

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February 28, 2021 6:10 PM

15 years later: announcing KhetzaL's Etamines"

Khetzal is back!

15 Years after his legendary debut release Corolle (which we just reprinted as a 2xLP), Matthieu Chamoux presents his second album called "Etamines"! And we are happy to say he didnt lose the magic!

He continued his deep spiritual goa-trance style filled with magical violin melodies and eastern chords! This unique storytelling resulted in another fairytale album going from ambient to full power dancefloor madness. We may not be able to travel now, because of Covid, but close your eyes while listening to this wonderful album, and we promise you will fly away to far away lands!

The album is due around the 19th of March!!

Check the extracts on the release page and just go and reserve your copy on Bandcamp!

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February 8, 2021 12:00 PM

RIP Martin Cooper / Asia 2001

This is a sad day for the Goa communictyl Gilbert Thevenet aka Martin Cooper, the pioneer behind the legendary band Asia 2001 passed away yesterday.

This is the first time an artist we've been working with goes to Goa heaven and we're deeply sad.

Last time I had him over the phone was about 5 years ago, around the time we reissued Psykadelia. He had serious health issues, but still manageable at the time.

We feel very sorry for his family and relatives. RIP.

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December 23, 2020 12:49 AM

And now for something different...Carpe Noctem

Suntrip's new compilation is "Carpe Noctem", our vision on melodic forest and darker goa-trance!

Carpe Noctem is latin for "Seize The Night" and you'll understand why while listening to it! It features some of the best producers in the gloomy goa field!
Let's start with Spindrift's own reality, a groovy track, perfect for wandering or dancing in the forest.
Smuds follows up on the same line with a rolling tune full of bubbles and turnarounds. But you can't escape as imps are spying on you from uptop the trees!
Dragon Twins is back with Suntrip and he's leading you to a unhinged pagan dance with witches under the canopy! Let yourself go before they decide to feast on your soul!
Omnium is a great trio from North Macedonia who achieved the mastery of strange effervescent sounds...unless those are fairies wispering in your ear :)
Now it's getting dark outside, Proxeeus gives you shivers on a relentless run away as trolls are on the hunt for your flesh!
And just as you escape those monsters, Xenomorph catches your breath with a creepy electric piece of somber art...you've been warned.
This journey's thrills are not over, for Batle Of The Future Buddhas delivers one of those unique surprising hypnotic rollercoasters rides full of electronic fx. Or maybe that's the effect of those mushrooms you grabbed on the way?
It seems to be confirmed as Ka-Sol is never far away to surround you in his alkaloid shivering vapors! Thankfully you know dawn is near as the track ends in a great melodic climax!
Just in time for Hada to give their take on the classic L.A.B.'s Spellbound track released nearly 20 years ago. Crazy and melodic as sunrays squeeze through the foliage!
And finally JaraLuca shows a totally different aspect of his talent with a pretty industrial track full of howling werevolves. Ahahah you may not be safe yet, fool!
Welcome to the wonderful world of humus, spores, mushrooms and trolls, Carpe Noctem will bewitch you!

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November 20, 2020 8:00 PM

Today is the day : Beyond !!

Today is the day: genius Mindsphere is back with the third part of his trilogy! And this time he will go "Beyond"! Ali Akgun loves hardware and old school synths, and this can be heard throughout the album! Again he finds the perfect equilibrium between raw, powerful analog old school sounds and sensitive, emotional melodies! Goa-trance lovers, get ready for more pure spacy, dreamy trance-music that will touch your heart and will bring you into other dimensions!

Now available on our bandcamp because this release is also a new start for us. We will shut down our "old school" shop on the site and we moved all to bandcamp! 


Hold on, there's more with releases, on CD &... Vinyl!

We are working hard to bring you more and more goa-trance! :) And because Suntrip wants to cover all possible types of psychedelic goa-trance, our next one will be very different from our Mindsphere release! It will be a VA called "Carpe Noctem". As you can imagine with that title, the focus is on darker goa-trance and melodic foresty old schoolish trance! :) Our tracklist is almost ready and will have names like Xenomorph, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Ka-Sol, Proxeeus, Spindrift and Hada! This will be a CD-release.

After that we go for the second Khetzal album on CD, and a reprint of his classic "Corolle" album on vinyl! :) This means, our love for vinyl will result in more releases! :)

Other upcoming cds will be albums of Median Project, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Afgin and of course... Filteria! :) Also, a new melodic compilation will be in the making by then!

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