Live acts & Djs

Zoltan Habo
Spiritual Goa Trance

Meet one of the new rising stars of deep, emotional goa-trance! :)

Zoltán Habó musical career began in 1987, when he started making music on Commodore 64. The turning point in the electronic music making when after he purchased his first PC computer. He started using only audio software such as Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker, later to be followed by Cakewalk.
Meanwhile, he met the world of synthesizers. He discovered goatrance in 1997 and he began making goatrance music since 2002. He gave his first live act in 2003 in Hungary. Since then, he played at several festivals, parties, both at home and abroad (Ozora, 4.49, Return to Goa, Psyweekend, etc.).

Lately he also released his music on labels such as Suntrip Records & Hado Records! :) More releases will follow soon. Are you ready for this melodic morning beauty?
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