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Cristian Fernandez Font
Girona, Spain
Crazy melodic psychedelic trance

Cristian Fernandez Aka Morphic Resonance is a producer born in 1988 and based in Girona, Spain.
Strongly influenced by the EBM/Industrial/Techno styles he became interested in electronic music since he was a child with bands like Front 242, Leather Strip, Velvet Acid Christ, Nittzer Ebb, Funker Vogt, etc. He discovered Goa Trance in 2003 with the Infected Mushroom´s track “Devil“ and he immediately felt totally attracted to this kind music. A few years later he was inspired by the new wave of new school Goa artists, especially Filteria, he started to buy synthesizers and to experiment with them. In 2013 the Morphic Resonance project was born with the mission of recreate the true old school Goa sound of the 90s.

His first release “Chromatic World EP“ was released on NeoGoa Records label in January 2014. After that, he got the attention of many labels including Suntrip Records where he released his debut album “The City Of Moons” with a huge positive feedback.

Other labels such as DAT Records where he released his acclaimed remixes of Etnica in “Trip To The Stars EP”.

He was also featured in a collaboration between Suntrip Records & Trust In Trance on Astral Projection's EP "Let there be light".

His 2nd solo album "Perplexity" was released on Suntrip Records in 2018, darker and more industrial than the previous releases.

Despite being a young project, Morphic Resonance played in several countries such as Japan, Israel, Brazil, Ukraine, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Serbia, Romania, France, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Spain,... He shared stage with renowned projects such as Etnica, Juno Reactor, Astral Projection, Transwave, Union Jack, Shakta, Hux Flux, Filteria, X-dream, Koxbox amongst many other big names of the scene.

He is currently working in his 3rd studio solo album.

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