Live acts & Djs

Balint Tihamer & Kanc Cover
Belgrade, Serbia
Melodic Goa Trance


Since the year 2000 Goasia into Goa and Psytrance music exclusively.

Electronic sound greatly influenced on Balint since its very begining. Guess this is the reason why he so fond of electronic instruments.

Older member of the project and founder, Balint Tihamer, has continually followed development of this kind of music since 1970s starting with german "Kraftwerk" and "Tangerine Dream" to the representatives of english "new wave" and creative work of Japanese Kitaro, greek Vangelis and frenchmen Jeal-Michele Jarre, while the other member, Vladislav Radulovic a.k.a. Kanc Cover, entered the world of trance music in 1994, and met at that time with the Goa Trance sound. Explosive development of electronic music in the 90s resulted in creation of several subgenres. Goa Trance as fusion of ambiental, ethno, and techno music is one of them.

It is Balint's contention, that this subgenre combines past, present and future of electronic music. This was the very reason for Balint to enter the music bussines once again after a long period of absence.

Continuous interplay of spiritual and dreaming-like soundscapes gives a listener the unique experience. When it comes to Balint's personal style, he would refer to it as the one containing the complexity of fullon and spirituality of the old-style goa music, in Kanc's words: "A Goa Trance with inovative bass line, as a way to bring closer the old sound to young listeners". The project is making an effort towards creating complex, yet easy-to-listen and to dance to music. Music is a joy in every one of us, and that makes the projects goal that everyone enjoys from the music it creates.

Every single suggestion or remark of yours, Goasia reads with the fullest attention and appreciation.

Beside psytrance, the project is also doing chillout music.
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