OoO Our beloved OoO
4CN StudiosTim Schuldt's lair...
Go get your masters done there!
Classic Goa TraxA Suntrip sublabel dedicated to rerelasing Goa classics from the 90's !!Belgium
Mimesis ProjectMimesis is a psychedelic art association from Barcelona, mainly focused on crafting arts, design and music. They are the famous decorators of several events, including the Connection Festival.Spain
PsynewsA great independant resource for psycehdelic music.
A great very animated forum, and also the creators of this site.
PsysurfeurA great psytrance videos resource site and the host of the suntrip site.France
OoO Artists OoO
All Suntrip artistsThe page with all our artists websites and links.
BluetechSuperb ambient music. Have a good journey!United States Of America
Side LinerNick Miami's musical projectsGreece
Visual CreatureThe home of Kfir Edri, the wonderful designer who made our full-print t-shirts designs.Israel
OoO Friend-Labels OoO
Altar RecordsThe precious ambient music label led by dj zenCanada
AvigmaticThe combination between melodic trance and full-on energy.France
Cosmic LeafVery good ambient record label (Side liner, zero cult...)
Used to be the calmer side of the unicorn music goa label.
KagdilaUS & Belgian -based label also acting for better psychedelic musicsUnited States Of America
NeogoaNeogoa is proud to be one of the leading Goa trance promotional platforms for this unique music and culture, with over 20 hours of the finest free and legal Goa trance and psychedelic ambient released so far and with over 70 various artists and DJs featured.Croatia
Twisted MusicTwisted, and superb music. If you dont know them, visit them now, that's an order !United Kingdom
Ultimae RecordsThe kings of Ambient from the south of FranceFrance
OoO Other nice labels OoO
Aleph-ZeroSimply one of the best ambient labels there is.Israel
Iboga RecsA leader in progressive psytranceDenmark
Iono MusicVery professional progressive label with killer music. Don't miss!Germany
Phototropic RecordsGoa label with lots of crazy tunes.Austria
Sita Records"Nitzhogoa" label working on the new breed of the next generation of "Goa" music.Portugal
SpintwistAnother great progressive labelGermany
Tribal VisionAlternative banging electronic musicCzech Republic
OoO Shops OoO
BeatspaceAnother nice shop where to order our releases :)Italy
DatabloemAn incredibly good music shop selling ambient, electronic, minimalist, modern classical, electro acoustic, and "other" recordings. Their headline is "Ambient explorations and grooves"...Netherlands
GoastoreAnother nice shop where to order our releases :)Switzerland
PsyshopA well known shop where to order our releases :)Germany
S.O.L (Seed Of Life)S.O.L (Seed of Life) -screen printed psychedelic clothing and accessories for men and women.

S.O.L's designs contain potent symbols that inspire mind and soul,
that embody ideas of great and wise philosophers,
and take influence from geometric figures, beautiful psychedelic art and nature.
The screen-prints used reveal the similarity of the symbols of our daily life with the
powerful symbology that bridges different cultures and religions of the world.
OoO Radios OoO
Toksydelia PsyradioA nice collective & psyradio we partnered withPoland
OoO Hardware OoO
Rock on WallIf you want to put your best vinyls in a canvas, that site is for you!France
OoO The music industry OoO
Grammy Northwest MusicTech Summit Keynote 2008A very interesting keynote over the future of the music industry (Nov 2008).
Originally on topspinmedia.Com
United States Of America
Observatoire de la MusiqueThe music observatory is dedicated to the analysis of the music field's general economy, its financial and commercial resources, and to the expertise and evolution of the general conditions of its production systems, distribution and marketing. Exists since 2000.France
Stealing Music: Is It Wrong Or Isn’t It?Very interesting article over the "right or wrong" aspects of downloading and duplicating music in the Internet era.United States Of America
OoO Others OoO
Chiptune.comDiscover the home of computer-music. Awesome design by the way.France
IsratranceProbably the biggest Psytrance resource and forum on the internetIsrael
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