The Suntrip Company
Do you have anything to do with the Suntrip compilations released in 199x?

No, nothing at all, it is simply a coincedance that the name is similar. So why not another name? Well, we think the name Suntrip is perfect for the music we release, so we keep it like that :)

What's your history, what's your goal?

Please read this page: http://www.suntriprecords.com/label/

Do you accept internships ? Do you hire people?


We may accept one internship per year, mainly technical, under the condition what we propose matches the requirements of your university.

Unfortunately we are too small to hire people, and we are not able to pay anyone. Sorry.

Are you related to the Moontrip label?


It's another, totally independant label.

Are you social?

Yes, you can find us on Facebook and Soundcloud !

Do you have a real shop?


If you come at our address you'll find a house, not a shop. But we are always reachable online.

Can I setup my own label and do like you?

Of course you can, but you need a good project if you want to do it! You need good artists, lots of time, lots of realism, and... yes, you need money as well!

Whenever you have serious questions about this you can always contact us, we already helped a couple of labels to jumpstart.

Is Suntrip your sole activity ? Do you live out of it ?

Hell no! This is pure a hobby thing, as a label manager it is impossible to live from Goa trance. But we don't mind, the fact that it is a hobby means we don't feel any pressure to release when we are not 100% happy! We hope this can guarantee quality releases only!

In our every day life we both have a total different job. Fabien is an IT engineer and Jos is a high school teacher in Ghent.

What are your opening hours if I want to phone you?

Well, we are not really in an office, so we are not always able to answer. But if you try, sooner or later you will catch us.

So, please call us between 10AM and 9PM CET.

Keep in mind Joske is never able to answer during working hours because he is in front of a class, and Fabien has a kid who sleepos early :)

How much do you earn with Suntrip?

Well, the last few years we earned a few hundred euros with Suntrip. And more recently with the music industry falling into pieces, we preferred to provsion all the available money for artists, artworks, and promotion...

If you calculate how many hours we worked for Suntrip, we earn around 0.10€ per hour.

We are happy to see that Suntrip is alive, and can survive, that's the main point for us :)

Isn't that techno/hippy stuff related to drug abuse?

There's no denying there are drugs in Psytrance parties. Fortunately the majority remains clean. I'm afraid to inform you there are also drugs in any other party. From LSD to Speed, passing by Cocain, Psytrance parties are hit by this shit as much as the other styles of music and parties. Even Bjork concerts !

Oh yes, while I'm thinking about it, if you happen to see on some TV show people high on drugs dancing in some open field they took by force, to the sound of very hard boom boom music; if you see these guys with big dogs selling drugs just aside, this is NOT a Psytrance party. This is obvisouly another form of much more radical techno, but not Psytrance, and if I were you I wouldn't try to attend one of these.

Fact is since 1995, the media have kept on destroying all the techno music based on a few assumptions, like the drug use, the sound volume that may damage the audience audition, security concerns related to party locations... Our movement has a big problem of recognition. We still wonder why it's much harder to organize a Psytrance party rather than a Reggae party where the level or professionalism in the organisation and drug use is more or less the same.

In any case Suntrip strongly condamns the use of drugs! We believe good music is the best way to experience spiritual moments.

Where can I find Goatrance communities now?

In real life you still have some small communities orbiting around parties. And you can find parties on the Goabase for instance.

There a lot of people online too on Psynews or Isratrance for example.

What is goatrance?

Goatrance is a form of Psychedelic Trance (which is itself part of the Electronic musics), born in the frst half of the nineties and taking some of its roots in the spiritual culture of Goa in India.

Many hippies had settled in Goa at the time. And this "Goa Trance" music or its early forms were sort of a continuation of the hippy sounds of the seventies and eighties. So it's considered as one of the places where it started. That said, we heard Goa in India is no longer what it used to be...

Goa trance is essentially "dance trance" music, the original goal being to assist the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms.


For further details, we'd advise you to read these articles.





Where can i find goatrance parties?

It's easier to find mainstream Psytrance but many countries have Goatrance enthusiasts. Some the most active at the moment are Belgium, Israël, Russia, Sweden, Japan...

There are many websites with some forum or planning or calendar. For example:
Israel: http://forum.isratrance.com
UK: http://www.accessall...-bin/whatson.pl
France: http://skyforum.ayzo.../trancegoa.html
Belgium: http://www.psychedelic.be

And there are social networks too, of course!

You have to know which promoters or artists are more Goatrance oriented to find Goatrance parties, but it will come soon (check the "What is Goatrance" entry of this FAQ, there are links to advises and resources).

Usually entrance fees range from 10 euros to 30 euros. Festivals entrances range between 40 and 120 euros.
Festvals happen in the summer, or for special events like solar eclipses. The Burning Man festival in California, USA is(was) also partly related to the Psychedelic movement (it's much more than only that movement and only music actually).

I thought Goatrance was dead in 99?

Well, actually it never really died. Until 1998, anyone would name this music "Goa" music, then other forms arrived, called "Minimal" (98-2001), "Full on" (since 2001), "Progressive" (since 2003), "Dark" (since 2006), weird stuff that doesn't even have a name, etc... Anoebis did a graph decribing most of the substyles (according to him, this is by no means final).

It's true the "big" wave with many famous artists like Etnica, Astral Projection, MFG, Electric Universe etc... stopped producing this kind of music around or even before 1999, but others took over, and today we can even talk about a Goa trance renaissance!

If you are interested in the best older Goatratrance release, check here. For Goatrance releases after 2000, you can have a look in the booklet of the Opus Iridium compilation, there is an article with all post-2000 Goa releases! It was published later by Isratrance here.

Artists, Music
Where can I buy your music?

On our own shop of course!

Or for physical CDs:

...and many more...and in real shops too!

And for Digital music:


24/7 Entertainment and affiliates
Where do your artists play? And for how much?

Almost all our artists are bookable. This means they can play on YOUR party!
Of course, the travelling costs are yours as well, so keep that in mind :)

On our Lives & Djs page you can see all the artists we're working with. Then, on each artist page, you can see whether he's playing live or DJ or both. Needless to say the fee varies from artist to artist and also depends on the type of performance.

Please note some artists listed here are not "Suntrip artists" per se but still, great music contributors. For example, you should contact Ultimae Records for Aes Dana, Asura and Solar Fields. For the others, we can help you. Simply contact us :)


Where can I get unreleased tracks versions?

Regarding unreleased tracks, there are a few cases:
- either the artist was simply not satisfied with it and there's little hope to see it online one day.
- or the track was very good but didn't make it in some CD (e.g lack of space)...there you have a chance.
- or the track is very good but was not in line with what the artist wanted to release at the time...now we can beg.
- or the track is an alternate version that was played live for a while before the artist went to something new. Such tracks should surface:)
- or there is a legal issue with the track (unsollicited remix, copyrighted sample...)
- etc...

For instance many people have been asking us how to get Filteria's Mind Expansion (long version). This one is a mix between the first and second case, so...we'll let the decision up to the artist. But in general many artists are just positive with the idea of disclosing their uneleased material.

So, with the artists' agreement, we are planning on putting some unreleased tracks/albums for sale or even for free on the site in the future. It won't be much advertised, as we prefer to priviledge new music and please everyone with it! So simply keep visiting this site once in a while.

The Shop
When buying Products on your shop, what am I exactly entitled to?

You can download the digital Products only once.

You may convert the Products to any format suitable for the usages below.

You shall be able to store the Products on your own audio/video devices for personal, noncommercial use.

You are entitled to export, burn or copy the Products solely for personal, noncommercial use.

The delivery of the Products does not transfer to you any commercial or promotional use rights in the content.

You may not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sublicense the Products.

If you breach this restriction, You may be subject to prosecution and damages.

Do you support non-Latin charsets


We are not UTF8 compliant meaning we support Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese, Japanese charsets, etc...

You may write your address using that charset.

What is a "boxless" cd?

When you order a boxless CD, we open a regular shrink-wrapped CD from our stock and send you only the contents (artwork, CD) after carefully packaging them.

The goal is to save on shipping costs. A cd with Jewel case is ~100 grams whereas a "boxless" CD is ~35 grams.

What if i have to pay vat/import taxes when my parcel arrives?

If you live in the EU, you won't have to pay anything.
Note: Switzerland and Norway for example are not in the EU.

If you live outside of the EU, import taxes may apply for orders exceeding a handful of cds, but there are ways to escape them:

  • Whenever applicable (parcels, meaning 5 cds or more), we tick the box "gift" on the customs statement, which may help. In case of need we are reachable to explain the customs how much we love you :)
  • We try to ship 1 to 3 cds in a A5 bubble paper letter, or 3 to 4 cds in a A4 letter format. As they fit in a classic postbox, they may appear as a thick sheaf of papers and remain under the radar.
  • Most countries apply a "marginal value" threshold under which the customs won't bother taxing you. For example it's 22€ in the EU + exceptions.
  • Above the threshold you'll be probably charged VAT + duty tax (like 2-4%) + papwerwork-fee (fixed price) on the shipment value.

We recommend you check the laws in your country regarding the taxes over the import of goods. Based on our experience, if you order less than 5 cds from outside of the EU, the shipment will most likely remain unseen from the customs. Also we've noted some countries control more than others (eg Russia, Brazil). That's not exact science.

If you are in a country where the customs are very active, you may want to opt for "boxless" cds, to reduce the parcel size. We've also been asked to split big orders in small shipments in the past. Just ask, we'll do, really.

Could I use your site to sell my tracks/cds?

That depends.

First of all the music you sell must be within our niche of music (which means Goa trance, melodic Psychedelic trance or Ambient).

If you're a label manager and can perform non-exclusive distribution, it is possible, provided the music is in line with our style/spirit.

If you're an artist, and are part of a label you need a "yes" from your label of course, if you are not signed, it is possible for sure provided we like your music :)

In any case, we can discuss this. Please contact us.

Do you have "social" prices for countries having economic issues?

Yes. Depending on your country, might benefit from a rebate on some products' prices (CDs mainly).

"Social" areas are:

  • Cental and South America
  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa (except South Africa)
  • The middle east (except Israël, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
  • A part of Asia (except Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China)
  • Most islands (except Australia, New Zealand, Channel Islands, some Virgin Islands...)

Note this list may change over time and without prior notice.

Why can I only download the tracks once?

Simply to prevent free downloads for third parties, in case the link ends up by mistake on the Internet.

That said, you may download again a track whose download was interrupted before the end. But only from the same IP address. In case of troubles, please contact us.

What is the quality of the MP3s you're selling?

Variable bitrate, best quality, using the best encoder: LAME.

lame -V 0 <source> <destination>

From LAME's doc: -V n     where 0 <= n <= 9
Enable  VBR  (Variable  BitRate)  and specifies the value of VBR quality.  0 = highest quality.

There's even ID3v1/v2 tags and covers in our MP3s!

When will my order be delivered?

We ship within 2 days following your order, almost always the next day.

Then , as bpost says,

  • to Belgium : count 1 day.
  • to countries of the EU : count 3 open days following shipping.
  • to another european country outside the EU : count 4 open days following shipping.
  • to the rest of the world : depends on the destination country...
    hint: we've often seen deliveries in 4-5 days to Israel, 7 days to the USA or Canada, a bit more to Japan, and significantly more to South America, Eastern countries, and Africa.

Note we even ship to Antarctica or North Korea...the only place where men live but we can't ship to, is the ISS - International Space Station!

Why are boxless cds the same price as with boxes?

When you order a boxless CD, we open a regular shrink-wrapped CD from our stock and send you only the contents (artwork, CD) after carefully packaging them. That's a bit more work for us.

Then all we can do is a huge stack of jewel cases, as we have no way to resell them. For your information, a CD factory charges a jewel case fr a really low price, so that's not much of a difference.

If you're interested, we can send you a bunch of empty jewel cases for free, provided you pay the shipping :)

There's something wrong with my order!

If you didn't receive it after, say, 3 weeks for Europe and 5 weeks further, your order may be lost. It's very rare but happens.

If you'd opted for registered shipping or if your parcel was tracked, we can ask the post to make an investigation. Else we usually don't refund or resend orders.

Likewise, when a parcel comes back to us, it may mean the post on your end screwed up or you didn't fetch the parcel at the post. We cannot be held responsible for that, and we're afraid you'll have to pay for a second shipping.


If you chose boxless CDs and one or more CDs are broken, that's also not really our fault, but we'll appreciate if you send us evidence (a photo) of the damage, and of the parcel.


If your order contains an unreadable CD, which is also super rare, please provide us with some evidence or return the CD. Then we'll send back another one for free.


If we sent to your billing address instead of your shipping address, we ought to apologize big time. We really pay attention, but we may have packaged your order very late that night... we implemented a different color for shipping addresses in our backend system, such errors shouldn't happen anymore.


In any case we can discuss to find a solution to your problem.


What are your shipping costs?

We simply apply our country's shipping cost without any overhead. You'll see it's quite expensive but that's not our fault!

We could direct you to the official post rates in French or Dutch but they're so badly done that we don't advise scraching your brain on them.

There is a dedicated page on our site for it with the whole story and the magic shipping costs™ calculator :) It's comprehensive and works with various units.

Usually the post updates their prices on first of January each year...be prepared.

Do you do preorders?

Yes, for the releases that we have enough in advance.

What is your pricing policy?

We decided to keep the price of our cds at exactly 10€ for a single Suntrip cd, and 12 to 15€ for a double Suntrip CD (So no 9.99€ hypocrisy...)
We think that is a fair price, and it is cheaper than other online shops. CDs from other labels may appear at a different price though (especially limited editions).

Some of our older cds are totally out of stock in other shops, so we think shopping here is probably the best deal!
We don't play the discogs game of 40-50€ for out of print cds!

Watch out for packs (SUNPKxx) and End-Of-Year discounts to save a few extra €.

How can i order cds in your shop?

Products list

On the top of  each page is a link to the shop. Click there and you can see by default all the products we're selling.

On the left hand side is a small search engine. You have an advanced mode too if you click on "Advanced search".

Our items have a default format (CD for the music releases), and you may click on "Add CD" directly from the releases list to put one copy of that release in your shopping basket.


Detailed view

Clicking on the item image, title or the "Check other formats" drives you to the detailed item view. You can read infos, listen to samples, view additional photos...

On the right hand side of that detailed view is a table offering all the formats available for that item. For examples, music releases are sold in CD, boxless CD, FLAC and MP3. For the non-digital ones, you can select a number of copies you want, and click on "Click to add to wishlist" to add them to your basket. You can perfectly add digital and non-digital items within the same order if you wish!

Stil on the detailed view, you can click anytime on "< Return to product list" to get back to the previous page.


Checkout, basket review

Maybe you noticed an icon "Review basket" appeared on the top-right corner of the page when you first added an item to your basket. Click on it if you want to checkout your order.

From there your browser dialogs with our shop using encryption.

The review basket page basically shows you a review of all the tiems you added to it since you opened your session. If you close your browser compeltely and come back the next day, all items will have disappeared. As you can see our shop works in Euro only for the moment, but there is a [curr.exchg] link to a website where you can check the current exchange rate with your own currency.

Once you're sure of what you wanna order, either you're a new customer or a returning one. Please choose the relevant option.


Address, shipping and payment options

On the next page you will be requested to register to our website with an email, login and password if you're a new customer. Else, you'll be shown with the data you entered last time. Make sure the billing and shipping addresses you enter are right. If you can't enter everything you wanted, use the comments field below.

Beneath are the shipping options available according to the country you entered in your address. Please refer to the FAQ entry regarding shipping costs to have a better overview...
You may send in registered or not. Some items require registration (festival tickets for example), so you won't have a choice in that case.

Please also tick the payment mean you want to pay with. We accept Credit Card (via Paypal), Paypal, and Bank transfer.

Eventually please tick the box saying you accept our terms of sale. That's quite common but legal.

At the bottom of the page is a summary of what the total price is made of, and a commodity showing how much your parcel is full and what could be added while keeping the same shipping price :)

Eventually click "> Next step" at the bottom of the page.



Depending on the payment mean you chose, you will be shown either instructions (bank traansfer) or a paypal button (paypal and credit card).

With bank transfer, you'll have a couple of weeks to pay. You'll be send with a reminder 2 days before expiration of the delay. We're checking on our bank account every other day. When your payment appears, we'll validate your order (you'll receive a notification email) , and send it :)

With credit card and paypal, click on the button and you'll be redirected to the paypal system. After your payment is executed, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page on our shop. Then just sit and wait for the postman to deliver your order :)

In the case you have ordered digital products, you'll receive an email with all download instructions.


Last words

Naturally you can also add items to your basket from the releases page and within each release page :)

You can edit your details, or review your orders by clicking on "sign in" or on "My Account" if you're already signed-in (on the top-right corner of each page).

Although we thoroughly tested our website, discrepancies may subsist. If you discover any malfuncton, if your country isn't listed in the addresses page, if you want a particular explanation, please contact us.

What the hell is that flac format you're selling?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio, and you can play back compressed FLAC files in your favorite player (or your car or home stereo, see supported devices) just like you would an MP3 file.

In other words, if you burn FLAC tracks on a CD, they will sound, and be (bit for bit) exactly as the real, pressed, CD.
On the contrary, MP3s and AAC (iTunes format) are lossless, and even though we compress our MP3s in very high quality, there might be a little difference.

FLAC stands out as the fastest and most widely supported lossless audio codec, and the only one that at once is non-proprietary, is unencumbered by patents, has an open-source reference implementation, has a well documented format and API, and has several other independent implementations.

See About FLAC for more, or Using FLAC for how to play FLAC files, rip CDs to FLAC, etc. on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Partnerships, Promos
How can i send you a promo?

When you click on contact in the above menu, there is a link to the promos page, with all the details!

You can also send us links to file sharing sites (sendspace, wetransfer, etc...). Please avoid sites where the tracks can't be downloaded.

There's the unavoidable Dropbox or Soundcloud private links too (please let us download the tracks).

You may even ask us a FTP access if you need to upload lots of data.

And naturally we accept normal CD-R promos. The promo page also contains the address where to send.


Why don't you answer my emails?

Because we both have a full time job besides Suntrip, we organise parties, Anoebis has to DJ almost every weekend, and we both have girlfriends & children who need some time as well of course!

But in the end you can expect an answer within a couple of weeks. For sure when it is important!

Why didn't you answer after I submitted my promo?

Same reason as "why don't you answer my emails".

We do listen to the promos, don't worry, and we try to reply to every promo, but sometimes it takes some time.

If your promo is pure "horror-dark" or "progressive-electro-house", maybe we won't reply as it will look like you spammed labels without checking what genre they're into. We're more into Goatrance and Chillout you know :)

Can I license your track(s) for my own compilation?

Of course you can! :) We would even be glad if you did!

For all details about that, simply contact us :)

I am a shop owner, can I buy your cds directly?

Arabesque is our distributor, so they handle all third parties, and their price is good.

However after a couple of years, they clean their warehouse and return us unsold CDs.
There we take over and can help you!

Note we remain the source when it comes to limited editions (SUNCDLExx).


Just to make it clear, if you are a shop owner, you can order directly with us:

  • SUNCDxx we have in stock and were released more than 2 years ago,
  • SUNCDLExx limited editions.


Privacy, security, technical
I'm french. Do you comply with the "cookies consent" mandated by the cnil?
A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website to remember information about your visit and other settings. That can make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating experience.
The use of cookies may require the user's consent. In France this is a rule under the Data Protection Act (loi Informatique et Libertés, article 32-II de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée par l’ordonnance du 24 août 2011). Those requirements have their roots in European directives, called 2002/58/CE and 2009/136/CE.
Suntrip uses authentication and layout-related cookies which are exempted. Suntrip also uses analytics software which requires the user's consent. You may opt-out from the analytics' tracking by going to our privacy settings page.
What do you do with my data?

We sell it to porn and gambling sites. Naah, serious, we don't really use it, unless for sending out cds.

It's like any other site, your account is meant to save you from typing your address again and again everytime you order something. And we can also track good customers to whom we send gifts sometimes :)

In case we do a promotion, you may receive an email from us, but we swear it won't be often, we hate spam ourselves.

In case you subscribed to our newsletter, you can also expect an email from time to time, that's it :)

If you want a more legal statement, please read our Privacy & Security page.

How about security?

Please read our Privacy & Security page.

HTTPS (SSL) encryption is triggered automatically during the shipping process, but if you prefer, any page is reachable anytime via a secured channel. Just use https:// instead of http:// 

Example: https://www.suntriprecords.com/artists/


This site looks too "corporate" for me, I thought you were friendly hippy guys.

You're probably mainly referring to the shopping process. We're amateurs compared to some firms though. Well, we are sure this improves the quality of the site and most important, it makes the site more transparant and it looks reliable!

We don't have to answer tons of mails every day about the site either.

On top of that the site is now more automatic which makes it much easier for us to update it.

Can you give tech details about your site?

For the non-technical persons, know this website is developped using the Java language.

For those in the know, this is a JEE application running on a MySQL database and Glassfish application server.

There's a bunch of other middleware technologies, that are listed on our credits page.

What browsers does this site support?

This site make great use of the so-called Web 2.0 technologies. Hence modern browsers are required.

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater
  • Firefox 2.0 or greater
  • Opera 8.5 or greater
  • Safari 3.0 or greater
  • Google Chrome
  • Most mobile browsers
This site uses analytics. By browsing this site, you accept to have cookies dropped for site ratings means.
Click to know more, or disable.