Live acts & Djs

Michael Fiedler
Hamburg, Germany
Melodic Goa Trance

Hello, I am dj Zara from Hamburg, Germany.

I am already into the goa-scene for a long time. The first time I went to a goa-party was in 1991/1992 in Germany, on the Sundance party. I was very inspired by the music and the people and this was the reason I went to a lot of big parties and festivals between 1993 and 2000.

After that I took a break for a few years, but in 2003 I realised I couldn't live without the music. I started to learn how to dj and since 2006 I play on parties. While dj-ing I I want to spread the right vibes. I want to feel the spirit again of the 90s and want to give the people an amazing dancing experience!

Not much later I started my own party organisation (Psy Spirits) in Hamburg as well. On those parties we combine old school & modern goa-trance with other styles of music! Slowly we see the revival of goa trance is happening as well here in Hamburg!

Today I am still dj-ing a lot, mostly modern goa-trance, but also mixed with old classics and slower, almost melodic progressive music. (I live in Hamburg afterall :p). If you want to book me, just send a mail or contact the Suntrip guys! :)
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