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Dani & Moshe
Tirat Hacarmel, Israel
Melodic Goa Trance

Hello all!

We are Moshe and Dani From Israël and we play pure "old/new school" goa-trance (mostly in Israel) under the name YMD. The meaning of this name is Yaron, Moshe & Dani. Yaron is Moshes broter, who passed away 8 years ago because of cancer. At that time he was one of the goa pioneers in Israel. By still using his name, we keep him into our memory and it gives us a feeling he is with us all the time, with his love for goa music.

Our story starts when we were you... Back in the mid 90's we were in love with goa-trance already. Because of that we were collecting this beautiful music. We first chased after DAT-tapes and mini discs, and soon after we started to buy cds! Moshe was playing a lot on underground nature parties between 1995 and 1999 and he organised parties with his brother as well. Slowly our music collections became bigger and since the new millenium we started to play more and more in the outdoor parties in the region of Haifas.

The last five years our hobby to play goa became more serious when the israeli audience gave us better and better feedback... They were hugging us and the magical energy of the music and public managed to lift us up to a higher level!

Since 2009 we were part of small underground parties, but they were ever growing and soon we did our own style underground goa-parties. Besides organising parties we are producing as well and we are helping a lot of friends to spread the goa music in Israel! Because goa-trance is on a rise here and becomes more and more popular we managed to make the line ups of Hasamba filled with our dear beloved goa-trance! Next to those events we are also partners of Buda project, an organisation established in 2012 to preserve the old goa music, and give the chance to new goa-artists! :) This doesn't mean we forgot our roots... We continue doing small underground parties as well!! :)

The last big step happened not long ago... We are now part of Suntrip Records, which is a big honor for us!

We hope to meet you soon, and... keep goa-trance alive! The reason why this music is still alive and kicking is you!

lots of love from us!

Dani & Moshe

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