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Nottingham, United Kingdom
Melodic Goa Trance


Invoking goddess energy, Shakti has come whirling into the psytrance scene like a crystal
storm from out the blue. The Goa Trance DJ is a shamanic practitioner, healer, teacher
and brainchild behind the successful Trancendance gatherings.

Shakti represents a new generation of Goa Trance lovers. She’s given a fresh lease of life
to its continued evolution. Her decade-long research of the music, has led to passionate dedication
culminating in the inevitable launch of the platform, Trancendance.

The artist heard the cosmic calling and finally learnt to DJ in the summer of 2013: In this short
time, her dedication to achieve perfection has been undeniable.

The rapid rate at which Shakti has accelerated as a DJ is been demonstrated by the
sequence of events at which she’s played: from Kanyini and Elixir of Life, to Return to the
Source and Earthdance - the latter, which she both organised and hosted.

Her latest mix, recorded live in Brixton at Earthdance London 2014, has reached the number one spot
in the Psytrance and Goa Trance Mixcloud charts.

So Shakti by name and by nature - the artist is a strong, vibrant woman with
a bright inner-light that brings a powerful surge of energy to the dance floor.

About Shakti
Shakti hit the ground running three years ago when she organised her first Goa Trance
night featuring Tristan and Astral Projection in her home town, Nottingham. She took a
quantum leap into 2014, organising Earthdance London where she also hosted the Global
Prayer for Peace.

It was a powerful moment that further cemented the spirit of her vocation as a healer with
her passion for Goa Trance: a synergy that has led to the manifestation of some of her
wildest dreams....

Dreams and Discovery…

By the age of 19, Shakti was already well-versed in the art of sacred ritual and magickal ceremony,
and had just discovered her very first psy-ambient record,
otherwise known as Planet Dog’s Feed Your Head, Vol. 2.

Several years on, she was grounded yet energetically charged. Acid techno was looming
in the background as a love for Goa Trance flowered in symbiosis with magical and
spiritual practice.

Those years also witnessed her evolution through various other styles: from Future Sound
of London, Leftfield, Massive Attack, the Shamen - and more specifically, the Prodigy’s
Music for a Jilted Generation - to Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Faith No More and
Queens of the Stone Age.

The timeless, blissed-out sensations of Eat Static’s Abduction changed everything as she
learnt to understand quality in electronic music.

Without even knowing it, she soon found herself listening to Goa Trance - discovering the
sound in albums like Transient Dawn and Tranced Out and Dreaming.

Spiritual Connections and Higher Frequencies...
So as the impact of Goa Trance kicked in, the artist experienced her very first interaction
with ‘Shakti’ - invoked in the form of the goddess Kali. It was a connection that was to grow
stronger and deeper in the years to come.

Everything began to make sense when she encountered the Glade Festival’s Origin Stage
in 2004. A transcendental, heart and soul-opening experience of Psychedelic Trance had
transformed Shakti and her life forever.

“I just looked around me… There were so many beautiful souls. Everyone was shining…
And that’s when I had my big magical moment: I knew I’d found my home. Everything just
clicked into place in that moment even though I wasn't consciously aware of it clicking into

The Origin Stage experience set the course of things to come as Shakti embarked on a
psychedelic adventure… She discovered events in Nottingham and beyond, found shops,
labels and stalls to purchase as much music as she could afford to fully explore this
infectious new sound known as ‘Psychedelic Trance.’

Her discovery of the music put things into perspective and for Shakti, there was nothing
quite like Goa Trance… “I felt a very deep connection to Goa Trance and found myself
captivated by these sounds and by how different they are to the Psy Trance I was listening

She says: “I felt l recognised these sounds from ‘somewhere else.’ There was something
very distinct about their vibration so I increasingly found myself listening and searching for
even more of this special music..”

For the Love of Goa…
The epic vibration of Goa Trance never left Shakti and by 2009, she began to visualise the
manifestation of music events that would integrate her spiritual awareness and skills as a
healer. During a profound moment, she channelled the name of the event and its logo.

Her vision was to organise music events rich in high-frequency energies. These events
would take place in a sacred space - and they’d be open for all to tap into Source. It would
be a temple of cosmic ascension to support and facilitate spiritual awakening - a place to
heal, shed the old and welcome the new.

She explains her purpose: “The intention was to create the same opportunity and
experience that I had encountered myself. It was driven by pure love and passion for
sharing what I’d received, so I wanted to give back and offer others the same experience.”

Her vision became reality when she organised her very first Psy Trance event in 2011 with
headlining acts, Astral Projection and Tristan, who were supported by DJs Petran, Indigo
Herder and Psyanide.

Since that time, Trancendance events have gone from strength to strength and in
November 2014, will be marking three years of cosmic celebration.

Recently signed as a label DJ to Suntrip Records, Shakti will join the line-up of her own
event for the very first time!

DJ Shakti: Spiralling Upwards
By 2013, it was high time that she learnt to finally DJ - and the cosmic calling to do so was
so strong that she simply had to.

Armed with a passion and deep knowledge of the music - she learnt fast. Within six
months, Shakti had played her first gig at Nottingham night, Psy Tronic. Within 12 months
she’d played at events including Kanyini (Birmingham) and Elixir of Life (London).

Shakti continues to spiral upwards. 2014 has been eventful and Summer Solstice was the
trigger when she played at the Return to the Source Prelude Party at London’s infamous
Inspiral Lounge. Her recorded set hit number 2 in the Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance
Mixcloud charts.

On the 1st August 2014, the artist performed a magical opening set at Electric Brixton for the
21st Anniversary Celebration of Return to the Source. Warming up for Medicine Drum, she
joined a legendary line-up of artists that included Man with No Name, Tsyoshi Suzuki and
Mark Allen.

September 2014 has proven to be an exceptional month for Shakti. As founder of
Trancendance, and also having a strong dedicated passion for the global peace events- Earthdance,
she took the reigns to organise  Earthdance London 2014.

The event was a soaring success, and Shakti played the closing set after GMS &
1200 Mics. Her DJ set, which was uploaded to Mixcloud, scored the number one spot in
both the Psytrance and Goa Trance Charts.

The artist works closely with Shakti energy in her daily life as a healer and as DJ. 
Over the past 12 months, since venturing into new directions as a
DJ, her connection with the Divine Feminine has reached new heights - her spiritual and
musical journeys, increasingly intertwined.

As a result, the artist DJs in the same manner as she holds her events: creating a magical
temple space to bring in higher frequency vibrations for the dance floor.

A sparkling and passionate soul, Shakti is a unique addition to the line-up. With her
magnetism, vibration, light and fire, she has the ability to send ripples through the dance
floor and make magic happen wherever she goes.

Words by: AnuKi Media

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