Live acts & Djs

Jonathan M.
Muizen, Belgium
Melodic Goa Trance

I am Jonathan, aka Lynx (as a dj) and Binary Bliss (as a live act)!

My love for (goa)-trance is already old, and even today very strong!
I discovered it when I was around 15 years old. At that time I was hooked to melodic club-trance (which I used to play with vinyl).
Not much later I discovered goa-trance via classical artists such as Astral Projection & Hallucinogen which was the reason I went to my first party in 2002. Immediately I was sure. The energy of the people, the positive vibes and the magnificent melodic music was the reason I was hooked! I became a dj very soon and between 2003-2009 I was playind a lot in Belgium. After that I took a break for some years because of my (weekend)job, but I am now back. More motivated then ever before to give the people the joy I first experienced! :)

My style as dj is pure melodic goa-trance. Both older and newer stuff, for in the morning hours!
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