Live acts & Djs

Sven Deichmann
Berlin, Germany
Melodic Goa Trance

Hello, my name is Sven aka Ghost on Acid
I listened to trancemusic since the age of ten but my first contact with Goatrance happened in 2006 at home.
It gave me that special feeling: It was the sound I was always looking for but before i found it, it found me.

When I attended to my first parties in Germany I noticed that Goatrancemusic was no longer played.
I was disappointed! Bored of Fullon, Progressive and the upcoming Electro-/minimalsound in the german scene,

I decided to Start Djing for myself to give my own part to the scene for the return of the traditional sound of Goa.
Especially the Newschool Goatrance is my field of activity. I do mix it with the classical Goatrancesound of the 90's.

My favorite time to play is the nighttime, because I love the acidic, mad GoaTrance, which takes you higher and higher. But also at daytime with warm heart filled sunshine tunes i feel like i am in good hands.

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