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This website is a JEE application.
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Without whom it wouldn't have been possible...
Visitors & friends for their ideas,
Manu Psysurfeur for letting us host this website on his server,
Brian Leathem, Sergey Smirnof, Nick Belaevski, Ilya Shaikovsky for solving some of my issues,
Ed Burns, Jason Lee, Ryan Lubke, Lincoln Baxter III for helping on other issues and great lectures,
Gavin King & Pete Muir for CDI,
Jean-Francois Arcand for Glassfish tips,
What is it made of ?
This site is built using the following middleware and frameworks:
Puspose Name By
Hosting Dedibox Iliad
Server OS Ubuntu 18.04 Canonical Organization
Application server Payara v5 derived from GlassFish Server Payara community
Web server Apache v2.4 Apache Software Foundation
Repository GIT Kernel.org
Puspose Name By
Programming language Java Oracle
Development IDE IntelliJ IDEA Jetbrains
CDI Extensions DeltaSpike Apache Software Foundation
Misc tools Apache Commons Apache Software Foundation
Web technologies
Puspose Name By
Web Application framework Java Server Faces 2 Oracle
RIA framework RichFaces JBoss
Short URL's and tweaks //Rewrite OCPsoft
Rich text editor CKEditor CKSource
MP3 Player MediaElement.js John Dyer
Puspose Name By
Production Database MySQL v5.7 Oracle
Persistence Hibernate, Annotations, EntityManager JBoss
Geolocation DB-IP.com DB-IP.com
Puspose Name By
Reports & Invoices Jasper Reports JasperForge
PDF manipulation iText Bruno Lowagie
Text manipulation ICU IBM
RSS/Atom Rome Oracle
Puspose Name By
World flags Flagpedia.net David Krmela
Thumbeasts The Oatmeal Matthew Inman
Font Gravitate BRK Brian Kent aka Ænigma
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