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September 11, 2019 1:35 AM

Back to school with Sykespico's album

If you followed up our last VA’s, you’ll be as thrilled as us for releasing Sykespico's debut album: "Perspective" to be released end of september / early october 2019!

Behind this powerful melodic project are Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad, from south Israel who have been producing for nearly 15 years and released tracks and an EP on Global Sect, Zion604 and Suntrip.

With "Perspective", they carefully selected and engineered a complete multifacetted intelligent and resourceful story that will energize your brain both in your sofa and on the dancefloor.

The duo starts softly with "Great Light", an aerial track, a buildup in itself full of progressive influences with a massive break that must have lifted plenty of desert dust in the past!
Following up, "Psycho Therapy" is a different story, still with an aerial feeling, but gradually leaving way to more mechanical melodic synthetic atmospheres!
"Trancologia" and "6EQJE5" propel you in the core of the album as they smell of those underground parties where you let go and free yourself totally on the dancefloor. Massive leads come and grab you to only release you with an ultimate funky twist!
If you like melodies, be prepared because "Concerta" and its whacking rhythmic packs a crazy whole lot of them...chirping, holwing, twirling, rollercoasting!
The "Visit Earth" we released on "The 50th Parallel" was rather atmospheric, but wait for the supercharged "Live Mix" that Sykespico prepared for "Perspective": you stand no chance as the track acts as a neuron booster with plenty of fx and melodic surprises. And in case you're still standing, "Dance Float" gives you a final treatment with a rhythmic convoy of battleships hammering the surface of your brain and explosive melodies!
Sykespico can't deny their israeli goatrance influences with "Spacestation": the duo shows their incredible skills with this spinning-top of a track that has been crafted like it's constantly accelerating and decelerating especially to blow your mind!!
Many awesome albums end with a semi-downtempo track and that's the case here with "Perlimor Star", an electronic echo of birds of paradise across the vastness of the universe...

Matan and Levi show it's possible to be both poets and goatrance producers. Follow their path through their ode to imagination: "Perspective"!

Check the samples here!

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July 24, 2019 1:30 AM

Look what's going to be released during ZNA...

Battle of the Future Buddhas is back, and its nothing like you heard of them before! They are going to play at the ZNA Gathering and we're going to celebrate that by releasing their latest album there on August 19th! They were inspired by the music played on the beaches of goa in the early 90s, and revived their interpretation of that spirit! Deeper, slower, more groovy, melodic &acidic old school goa-trance!

Check the samples and preorder here!

These days Battle Buddhas' music is mostly made by Swedish pioneer David Tingsgård, active in the scene since the mid 90s! He released over 5 albums before on labels like Boom! Records and Schlabbaduerst and is mostly known for his melodic forest-trance music. With this album they take definitely a new direction, although you will recognise their typical sound-signature without a doubt!

The album opens with the Crane & Kraftpakket. These tracks are more on the classic side of goa-trance. A bit faster, harmonic and with classic 303's floating around! After the openers we go deeper and slower into melodic territories. The tempo keeps going down but the groove gets fatter and fatter, just as the melodies! Tracks like Ghost and Life Behind the Sun are definately morning-goa with that unique Buddha-touch. The album ends with some tracks like Disco Valley and Tenderlion that have a bit of proto-goa influence. Back to Basics!


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May 23, 2019 12:19 PM

Blowing your mind with Median Project


We've been pretty silent - at least here - as we wanted to give you enough time ot process the Total Eclipse release and the Classic Goa tracks avalanche :)

But today is special: we're releasing a stellar sci-fi killer album : Median Project - Constellation

Median Project, Russian Sergey Petrenko, is one of the new big talents in Goa Trance!
His music is powerful, acidic, psychedelic and has epic melodies allover. Perfect dancefloor material with a big hint to classical goa of the 90s! We would even dare to describe it as Astral Projection meets Mindsphere!
Some goa-freaks will know his music already, as he released an album not too long ago on Global Sect, but for his next adventure, on Suntrip, he prepared something stellar!

The opening track, "Antidote" is an epic morning monster! Harmonies allover! Why starting with such a track? Well... Check out the Dancing Galaxy-album of Astral Projection and you'll understand! After that you will get some more powerful dancefloor material: Strong kicks, a massive groove, a lot of sound effects, spiralling melodies and psychedelic details in the background! We bet that the "Infinite Space" track will even become a classic!
The second part of the album is a bit more on the morning-side again! Several Emotional and euphorical melodies, dancing with eachother creating a beautiful sunrise story, like in the "Sunrise" or "Constellation of Aries" tracks!
If you like beauiful classical melodic goa-trance, this album is definitely something for you!

Check the samples and get the music NOW in our shop or on bandcamp !

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March 8, 2019 1:31 AM

Presenting Total Eclipse, Live

Dear Suntrippers, today we are announcing a very special release: a live recording from one of the pioneers of the Goa Trance gente: Total Eclipse !
This legendary and versatile Goatrance project from Bordeaux, used to deliver crazy fully-live performances throughout the world.
Since 1996 and it Violent Relaxation album, Total Eclipse had reached an enormous success and had been touring the world. But in 1998 they were  showcasing a whole set of new tracks, some of which are yet unreleased, and in general significantly different than the actual released versions!
Suntrip is proud to present a recording of such a unique performance, in the mythic "Liquid Room" in Tokyo, Japan, on April 11th 1998.

It will be release on April 1st 2019, 21 years later, but the samples are here !

The live starts with "Electro Gizmo" an unreleased track, in its live form... its pretty atmospheric vibe gently warms you up before going totally crazy with those typical Total Eclipse melodies! Going forward, "Defrost", also unheard of, alternates dancefloor hammering sequences strings.
That was just the beginning, because "Kikamboot", another superb unreleased track, sends you directly to crazy utopia-land with a rain of acid lines! Imagine the Japanese crowd experiencing this!
Mind you, the Frenchmen weren't just going to play some of their hits without heavily reworking them, and to that effect, they slap you in the face with a superb live rework of "Partycles", an extra-long version of "Sunrise" and a surprising remix of the ultra-classic "Collapsar" from the iconic BRO33 EP!
Halfway into the performance, time to get funky with a slight edit of "Miyukette". The multi-faceted emotional track, made with a Japanese girl must have done wonders on the Liquid Room floor!
Next up, a super Classic: "Chaotic Circus" in a shorter, sharper, live-tweaked version is going to blow you away!
Since we're into classics, you're going to enjoy just as much this "Free Lemonade" Live, and a supercharged "Space Clinic" that seems to propel this recording into a more morning mood....though, when you're facing the crazy Tokyo crowd, you have to kick ass till the end...and "Are You Abducted" which was unreleased at the time must have made a hell of an impression!
And for the few still standing, Total Eclipse had an acid-loaded edit of "Psychedelic Terrorist" up their sleeve! Call an ambulance!!!

Total Eclipse opened its DAT archive, and it's for the greater good. Through this amazing recording you can get a glimpse of the group's unique creativity and energy.


Interestingly enough, Stéphane Holweck the band leader, also gave us DV tapes and we found several sequences taken in Japan. In one of them, the band plays the same live, probably a couple of days before or after the Liquid Room performance! Really nice vibes here!

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February 4, 2019 12:00 PM

Welcome to this crazy acidic world, Psylent Buddhi !!!

Dear Suntrippers! 
We are proud to present one of the véry best albums of the 90s and early 00s, finally released on cd! 

Pure acid-goa-trance in the green nuns style, with extra spiralling melodies on top, that is Psylent Buddhi

We are chasing the artist since 2004 but he lost all his files back then... Thanks to some DAT-collectors, we managed to find the full quality files and the artist again, 15 years later! :) The result? An instant classic! Hear, experience and buy if you like!!! :)

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November 30, 2018 5:12 PM

The 50th parallel released!

Celebration time! Suntrip released their special 50th cd-celebration compilation today! And thats not all, we also launched a bunch of superb promotions in our shop! :)

Our new release, a 2*CD compilation called "The 50th Parallel", showcases the next generation of melodic and darker goa-trance! The first cd is dedicated to the sun, the second to the moon! As music sais more then 1000 words, have a listen and... buy if you like! For now only for sale on our Suntrip shop and bandcamp! Soon all other channels will follow :)

1.1 KhetzaL - Garden of Nyagrodha Trees
1.2 Cosmic Dimension - Deviant Behaviour
1.3 Triquetra - Electronomic
1.4 Sykespico - Visit Earth
1.5 Hada - Emaginary
1.6 Crossing Mind - Over Time Frame
1.7 Clementz - Trilafon
1.8 Median Project - Life Line

2.1 Battle Of the Future Buddhas - Faster Than Light
2.2 Cosmic Serpent - Fractal Colors
2.3 Everything Turns - Darkness Falls
2.4 Proxeeus - ...But the Joke's On Mankind
2.5 Triquetra - Torturing The Machine
2.6 Morphic Resonance - Wonderland
2.7 Ka-Sol - Hysterical Mass
2.8 Hada - Magic Of Nature


Regarding the promotions, just head to our shop and see the great promos we just launched!

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October 19, 2018 10:17 AM

Denshi Danshi are back !!

Oh yes, Denshi Danshi are back! After the retrospective “Fluid Dynamics” album which contained 90’s tracks and a couple of new productions, the electric boys are proud to present “Brain Chemistry”: an album completely made in the past two years and packed with 80 minutes of pure energetic dancefloor material!

From underground parties in Israel to big festivals in Spain, and in our dear Apsara festival too, the French duo made a point of honour to blast the dancefloor. All those tracks were carefully battle-tested and refined in their studios to get the best experience possible!

Enough said, now is the time to warm up your sound system, buckle up, play the samples and get your copy!

Enjoy the music!


Huh, what ? What we're up to ? Yes sure, let's talk about that:

We're now working hard on our SUNCD50 compilation. We can disclose its name now: "The 50th Parallel". Although we always wanted to celebrate our 50th CD release, we came up with that title very recently as we realized we signed the creation of Suntrip very near that imaginary line :) Here's a WIP of the somewhat organic artwork:

Initially we wanted to have a 3xCD compil with some oldschool names on the third one. We already had some great tunes...but...we though they deserved a specific release (to come in 2019). So what we're going to release early December 2018, right in time for Xmas presents (!) is a 2xCD compilation with a pure Goa side and a Forest side! Artists range from long-time Suntrip partners like KhetzaL (yes!), Crossing Mind, Triquetra, Morphic Resonance, Battle of The future Buddhas, Ka-Sol, Sykespico, Cosmic Dimension on the one hand; and amazing dudes we've been longing to work with on the other hand: Proxeeus, Clementz, Median Project, Hada, Everything Turns, Cosmic Serpent.

We're at mastering stage and the artwork is nearly ready, so brace yourselves :)


We're also secretely working on a little surprise. Can't tell more for the moment...just know it's o.l.d.s.c.h.o.o.l !


Speaking about oldschool, we will be ready to release the mythic Psylent Buddhi album called "Secrets Of The Atom" in early 2019. Everyone, including the artist thought the tracks had been lost forever a long time ago. But someone had them and Psylent is happy to let us release them. It's a CRAZY album we're looking at, showing a mighty - almost supernatural - mastering of acid lines and massive climaxes. Just listen to Sunborn's Mix @ Apsara Festival, he played two of those tracks there :)


Oh while we're at it, maybe you saw that we're going to do it again: we announced Apsara Festival 2020 last week! As you guessed already it's going to be a on biennial basis. In the meantime you can let your kneecaps to rest...or...come with us to ZNA 2019 :)


Back on the release front, apart from the aforementioned oldschool compilation, Celestial Intelligence are nearing completion to their second album which will be called "Incandescent", and fantastic artists like Mindsphere, Triquetra, Cosmic Dimension, Filteria, Merr0w or even Ethereal are still tweaking their machines to make you vibrate in the coming couple of years.


See you soon!

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August 30, 2018 11:55 AM

Stapanii Timpului, the new masterpiece by E-Mantra

E-Mantra, the Romanian star of darkish acidic goa, is back with a 4th full album on Suntrip Records After a summer break (with our Apsara Festival) we are proud to present this masterpiece on our shop & bandcamp!

The album starts with "Rusalka", a huge dancefloor stormer with an enormous kick, followed by a darker pure acid 303-stormer: "Ghosts in the Mist". Slowly the album evolves in recognisable E-Mantra territories: darker acidic goa-trance with spooky melodies and massive bass. Tracks like "Ravenmocker", "At The Foothills of Kogaion" & "Typhon's Wrath" will destroy every trancefloor! During the last tracks we hear the first rays of sun again! Blisfull melodies accompanied by another dose of acid-sounds allover! To end this epic story E-Mantra shows his ability for downtempo trance again. 

No doubt, when this album hits the speakers, it will make you dance, smile and go crazy! And if you like it, dont forget the other classics by E-Mantra released on Suntrip Records! As usual the mastering is done by Tim Schuldt, for an extra crispy result!

And that's not all, we also offer you new Suntrip T shirts and cds from other labels in our shop!  We are sure your trance needs will be fulfilled soon!


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May 10, 2018 11:15 PM

Darker, stronger, here is Morphic Resonance's new album: Perplexity!

There it is!

After two years of hard work , Christian aka Morphic Resonance follows up on his debut album "The City Of Moons" with a darker, more industrial, and yet ultra psychedelic second album called "Perplexity".

 In this sequel you will hear more of his magic! Smashing kicks and basslines, acidic melodies, industrial distortion and a high amount of psychedelic effects will bring you into another dimension!

The beautiful artwork was made by Rodolpho Morais from Brasil and mastering is by Tim Schuldt, another master of industrial influenced psychedelic trance!

Oh, and it has very good reviews on Psynews too :)

Seriously? Go get it !
Suntrip Records shop



Regarding the new E-Mantra album we talked about last time, we're progressing: mastering is in progress and we have a mockup to show :)

Extracts are coming very soon !!



And last but not least, let's talk about the Apsara Festival

We are delighted to see all the support we get, and people coming from a hundred countries!!
We have annouced almost every uptempo artist now, and I'm not sure we can pack more awesome artists in just 5 days !

We'll get to the downtempo artists in the coming weeks :)

We did our best to pack our website with all sorts of useful information.

Now I think it's time I invite you to get your ticket on :)
There's also some information page over our phases and their pricings.

As we're deep into the production / schedule / logistics phase, I'm taking the opportunity to call for volunteers ready to help us DURING the event. We know you wanna dance, and won't be asking you to work too much, and there's an incentive too, so why not apply ?


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April 8, 2018 2:19 PM

We were silent but we weren't idle...

Hello Suntrippers !!

Finally Spring is upon us and the first rays of light that are drawing a highway to the summer, the fesitval season and of course our dearestApsara Festival !!!


In order to prepare for that, we have some great music for you !!!

First Cristian of Morphic Resonance has spared no effort to give the final touches to his new album "Perplexity" to be released in the very first days of May.

A must for all lovers of darkish, ominous, acidic, dirty old school goa-trance!

His first album, "The City of Moons" was voted as the best album of the year 2016 on Psynews, and his Pleiadians Remix mini album on DAT Records gained a lot of attention as well. In this sequel coming exactly two years later, you will hear more of his magic! Smashing kicks and basslines, acidic melodies, industrial distortion and a high amount of psychedelic effects will bring you into another dimension!

The beautiful artwork was made by Rodolpho Morais from Brasil and mastering is by Tim Schuldt, another master of industrial influenced psychedelic trance!

All you have to do now is head straight to the release page and enjoy the 3:30 minute long samples !!!


Now you're thinking...since "Perplexity" will be SUNCD49, Suntrip has to be ready to release their celebration SUNCD FIFTY compilation they've been talking about for two years ! Right ?

Well, no. We have a title, we already gathered plenty of awesome tracks, but we want it to be unforgettable so we're going to give it a few extra months.


In the meantime we're working on the new E-Mantra album. What was still codename SUNCD51 a few days ago has now a title: "Stapanii Timpului" ("The Masters of Time" in Romanian). Mastering is about to be done and artwork is in progress. More about it (and extracts) will be disclosed soon :)


And last but not least let us remind you about the Apsara Festival !

If you kept following us, you are now aware we're definitely not joking. To date, 33 outstanding uptempo live and DJ performances have been announced, and there's still 8 announcements to come including some seriously killer ones in the next 2 weeks !!!!!!

At the same time we're closing the presales Phase 1 soon, and switching to Phase 2 on April 17th. Be sure to buy your ticket now !!!

For all sorts of infos about our festival, besides our facebook page, be sure to check the location, guidelines, parking, camping, facilitiesFAQ and of course line up pages on our official website.


Let the Sun shine, and see you soon !!!

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