Live acts & Djs

Elric & Jurian Reinartz
Brussels, Belgium
Melodic Goa Trance

Triquetra consists of two twin brothers: Elric and Jurian Reinartz, born in 1996. From the age of 16 they came into contact with the Belgian underground Goa parties, and immediately fell in love with the music. 
Roughly one year later, they started producing electronic music together under the name Triquetra. They started, inspired by artists like Agneton, Shivax or Goalien, by making Nitzhogoa, a style that was at that time getting some popularity amongst Belgian parties.

Another year later, they evolved their style more towards the old school Goa Trance sound from the 90's and as a result, they were gradually invited more in the old school-oriented organizations in Belgium. 
After some time, they got noticed by a couple of labels active in Belgium, like Suntrip Records and Goamadness Records. When they exchanged some promo-tracks with them, they were eventually accepted as artists under Suntrip Records. Since then, they have grown fast as a project and they started playing internationally in countries like Switserland, Croatia, Israel and Japan.

Focusing on the analog sounds from the early years of Goa Trance and Acid Trance, Triquetra tries to bring a different story each time filled with
fast melodic madness and hypnotizing acid. Live sets include live didgeridoo, live synthesizers and only the best selection of their work.


VA-Goa Meditation, Timewarp Records, 2016, “Goddess Of Sleep"
VA-Colors Of Goa Vol2, Timewarp Records, 2016, “Green Magic"
VA-Phases Of Madness, Goa Madness Records, 2016, “Mordroc’s Challenge”
VA-Inti, Suntrip Records, 2017, “Renkinjutsu” & “Destroying Dinosaur”
VA-BGF, Neogoa Records, 2017, "Headphone Zombie"
Debut Album, Suntrip Records, 2018, "Ecstatic Planet"

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