Live acts & Djs

Stéphane Holweck, Loïc Vanpoucke
Bordeaux, France
Melodic Goa Trance

A founding member of both Electrotete and Juno Reactor in London with Ben Watkins, Stephane Holweck returned to France in the beginning of the 90s to create the project Total Eclipse together with Serge Souque and Loïc Vanpoucke.
The trio developed their own unique sound, an organic and hypnotic form of electronic trance with psychedelic sounds and a recognizable but varied style. Their musical influences came from an array of sources, from ethnic music to rock and classical. They were among the first Goa Trance groups to be active on the scene starting in 1993, with live sets that featured their studio equipment on stage while they worked as sound shamans, guiding the public towards ecstatic heights.

The group began producing their first tracks in London at the Butterfly Studios that was linked to Dragonfly Records, the label of the legendary musician and producer Youth, with whom Stephane had formed the group Brilliant at the beginning of the 80s. Their first single,
the classic ‘Aliens’/‘Sound is Solid’ in 1994, was followed by multiple releases over the course of twenty-plus years on Blue Room, TIP, Dragonfly, Twisted, Solstice, Wagram, Sony Music, Phonokol, Eye Q, 3D Vision, Nova Tekk, Mandala, Avatar, and Tribal Records. The
group would additionally release six albums: Delta Aquarids (1995), Violent Relaxation (1996), Access Denied (1999), Update Files (2003), Tales of the Shaman (2009), and Transmutation (2017).

Founding members Stephane Holweck has been the sole active member of the project since 2005, and he continues to set dance floors around the world on fire with both retro performances as well as live sets featuring his latest productions. Recently Lola Rennt has joined Stef on stage in a collaborative show they call The Loved Ones Tour. Stef has also been producing collaborations with Atyss (a track called Batman) and with Plasmatix (an EP with the latter is soon to be released). With an upcoming track to be released on a Suntrip compilation and more productions and releases scheduled, 2018 is shaping up to be another stellar year for the project and music fans internationally.

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