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Coïa Gilles
Senlis, France
Melodic Goa Trance
Behind the name Toï Doï hides Gilles Coïa, a solitary dreamer coming from Paris' suburbs.
Sound perfectionist, with classical and jazz music education background, very early his father pushed him in the caldron of technology hoping he would become an engineer.But making music attracted him much more than lock nuts or strength of material algorithms, although this could be useful in the end.
When he started to compose electronic music, he overcame the lack of available technology of this period with designing his own hardware : "I wanted modular synths,controlled by MIDI. Then I modified filters, designed LFO, ADSR interconnect them" he says. His studio, furnished with atypical machines, is a R&D facility.
His project, an outsized mix of handcraft and digital abstraction, is the result of long time mellowed processes which contrasts with sonorities too often standardized and superficial.A quest off the beaten tracks that leads to an amazing sound. His singular way to design music, his theoretical sense of hazard and his melodic control are superimposed on his technical skills. An original mix, almost a belief, that enables him to excel, to render an unmatched substance.
His music takes its roots in the hardcore and trance underground scene of the 90's and his sound has been going around the world for a while. From Montreal to Tokyo or Berlin, his acid and cerebral compositions keep on feeding the electronic scene. After "conspirations" with the Micro-Points and Extravertif experimental projects (Rex Club 1995), he was discovered by Goa Gil, mythical designer of parties among the most famous in Goa.
Toï Doï music became part of the master track list @ Love Parade 96 and numerous compilations following the next years.
After several releases on POF records, Ceiba records and Phonocol records, his first personal album "Technologic" hit the trance underground scene in 98 on Avatar records and still echoes on Goa Trance aficionados.
In 2003 and 2005, he released two other albums, "Sustentator" and "Psyring Test" on his own label, E-Watts records.
Until 2010, he split his time between teaching music and spending family time, with the birth of his little daughter Lucy, before coming back with "The Search For The Key" on Dimensional Records in 2011.
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